The world of South Indians according to Shah Rukh Khan

Diwalis have always been good days. From the days when we threw sparklers in the air and screamed ‘Rocket, rocket’, to the days when bombs burst in my hands. It was also the night I got caught drinking at home. In my pocket, there were the 20 ChlorMints we had bought to get rid of the smell, but we forgot to eat them.

But this Diwali was probably the happiest Diwali in recent years. Why, you ask?

Because Ra.One finally released.

I remember the first time I watched the trailer. It was the World Cup semi final and India was kicking Australia’s ass and anything is pardonable under such circumstances.

Since then, every billboard, TV channel, mall, cinema complex, website, interval, beginning, cricket tournament, and TV serial played the ads/trailers/songs of the film ad nauseum.

And this Diwali, the damn film finally released. And I watched it.

I do not wish to review the film, as that would be an insult to the intelligence levels of my readers, It will suffice to say that the film is KL3D – KLPD in all the three dimensions. Shah Rukh Khan overacts, but that is something I have gotten accustomed to. There are crass jokes that would be ridiculed if David Dhawan and Govinda made them, but it’s ok because SRK is doing it. (He’s got dimples, ya, he’s cute). So Shah Rukh Khan finds it convenient to cry about racial profiling before the release of ‘My Name is Khan’. He talks of treating people with respect, and then goes right ahead and portrays South Indians in the shittiest way. But what the hell? He has dimples, so it’s ok. Cute fellow!

What irked me the most about the film Ra.One was Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of the South Indian father. It’s an old trick that almost every Hindi film uses – caricaturing South Indians. They are all loudly dressed, and talk in screwed up English, mouthing lines likes ‘Ayyoji’, ‘Mind it’ and ‘I say’. But it’s all in good humour, of course!

If I crack a joke on Muslims, I’m unsecular. If I crack a joke on poor people, I am being elitist. But South Indians? Crack jokes, man. They are too lost in their own worlds. They don’t mind.

Well, fuck you, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. They do.

Since I am half Telugu and half Oriya, I am subjected to both the stereotypes – either I am from a state full of tribals, or I live on idli, dosa, sambhar. So irked was I by this stereotyping, that I have compiled a list of stereotypes that most South Indians are subjected to.

1. South Indians have names like Veerabhadra Swami Bhadrachalaramam Iyengar.

Well, they don’t. South Indians have names that are normal. They may be long, and tongue-twisting, but they are all there for a purpose. They are either the names of the person’s native place, or a name of an ancestor, but they are all there for a purpose. If you can’t pronounce them, use a shorter form. Or call them by their initials. At least it’s better than having an innuendo filled name like ‘Ramandeep’ or ‘Hardik’, so save that smart joke for that beautiful ape you meet in the zoo. For us humans, it’s not funny.

2. South Indians say ‘Enna Rascala’ and ‘Mind it’.

Nobody talks like that. Only Shah Rukh Khan does that when is portraying South Indians. Though this is a generalisation, South Indians generally have better English than people from other places. They don’t introduce themselves as ‘Myself, Suresh’. Even autodrivers in most South Indian cities can pull off a conversation in English. And when was the last time you heard a South Indian say ‘Enna Rascala’?

I'm South Indian, so I look for keys inside girls' shirts. I'm so funny, Hahaha. Spank me.

3. South Indians eat idli, dosa everyday.

In Ra.One, to pull off the role of a South Indian convincingly, Shah Rukh Khan eats noodles with curd. Cute no? So cute that I feel like slamming his head into an idli maker. The fact is South Indians don’t eat idli, dosa, sambhar everyday. That’s like assuming Italians eat pizza everyday and Shahid Afridi bites balls everyday. They don’t, primarily because they’ve been doing it all their lives. Also, idlis, dosas and sambhar are found everywhere these days. So think twice before you make the idli jokes. And SRK, think at least once!

I'm South Indian, so I mix curd with noodles....

...and then I proceed to eat it

I know it's gross, but I have dimples, no?

4. All South Indian guys know each other’s’ languages

They don’t. South Indian languages are complex. It’s not like other states where languages have similarity with each other. Down south, neighbouring states have nothing common in their language. So Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh have their own languages. So calling someone a ‘madrasi’ just makes you a dickhead, nothing else.

5. South Indians are all intelligent people who are good at Maths and Science

Now, this is one myth I wish was true. The stereotype of the quiet, intelligent South Indian has been done to death. I am half South Indian and I only know upto 7 table (of course I know 9, 10, 11 and 20 – but that’s not the point). Not all South Indians are intelligent quiet. Some of them are dumb and loud.

6. South Indians wear loud and bright clothing

They don’t actually wear…..well, they do. Fuck you, so what?

142 thoughts on “The world of South Indians according to Shah Rukh Khan

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  2. Anand

    Hi friends, we are simply Indians. Don’t fight over some silly topics. These films are for entertainment purpose only. watch it nd throw it in dustbin. Please don’t argue.

    1. Anurag Singh

      Very nicely said
      all these actors are bastard sons of daud Ibrahim and nothing ,they fuck their mother sisters for money , they don’t have to do anything with national integrity orwith feelings of people of any caste ,race or religion ,they are just craps , they just can’t compare themselves with Hollywood actors ,these are jokers , they can’t even compare themselves with manoj vajpayi , nasseruddin ,irfan ,Nana patekar ,these are real actors ,they haven’t done anything like this in their whole career . this SRK IS homosexual.

  3. Nikhil C Babu

    Ooh so u south indians think ,they can beat up 100 ppl at a time and catch a bullet with their hand?? Well Ra1 was way better than all the Rajinikanth movies :p 😛

    1. Anonymous

      S s..obviously..i hope u watch ly rajinikanth movies..that too very selectively..idiot grow up south indian cinema is far better than ur bollywood…bollywood is a piece of shit filled with porn nd d so-called jokes r notnk but degrading others culture nd dat shows u r south indian movies never mock at others culture bcz south indians are cultured.. nd they r technically light years ahead of ur bollywood shit…

    2. Raja

      You people licked Rajni kanth’s ass for 2.0 movie. What happened to fate of zero?? Sharukh khan will never be half of Rajni sir. In fact he is not even a proper movie star in my perspective.

  4. helloallmyfriends

    Moreover this ass doesnt understand that today’s world is about IT and brains!! which none of the north fuckers have… the future is South India and there is no doubt… North indians are only fit to fuck their own mother and sisters.. guys you know no clue what sort of sick and atrocious things happen in north… these kinda things happen cos these are uneducated mother fuckers!!

    1. Anurag Singh

      You bloody ass hole all you south Indian girls fuck for free with biharis , I have fucked your mother sister and daughter free of cost because my name is Anurag Singh I am king .

    2. Non-madrasi

      Hhahahahahaha you are apotttarrgilllongillingillillilla. Apdi pode pode pode. Yenna raskala thothal mindh ith

  5. helloallmyfriends

    First of all… you have a fuck all name…fucking you dont talk about being ugly or being dark and these mother fucking north indians talk as if they are all born English color… dickheads… I have seen fucking ugly and fucking dar north fuckers who are darker than Africans. Who knows this ‘Sha’ shit head would be one milksucking monkey arse whose mirror cries everytime his fucked up face is shown.

  6. Darvesh Shah

    South Indians are donkeys(sorry for insulting the donkeys because they aint as black and ugly like south Indians) of the north Indians. India has currently 55 billionares. 51 of those 55 billionares are north Indians. South Indians are only the donkey workers of large firms put up by the Northies.
    South Indians speak English with a different idli wada tone with added ayiyos, aiya muthu swami.
    Most of South Indians are muthu tambi waiters or sh*t carriers. We talk about looks or complexion, then the South Indians are second to none in terms of ugliness. South Indians have all cow dung spread over there faces which makes them so black and Ugly. South Indians have their faces always painted with black cow dung and they stink of sh*t. Talk about strength and fitness, most south Indians are weak and short and even suffer from impotency . Coconuts keep falling on their heads and eventually they reach their average height of 4 feet. All the indian Olympic medalists of 2008 olympics were north indians. South indians really suck.

    Retarded south indians are only good at IT and yes they are on top positions in those companies ultimately working for a non-south indian owner’s company LOL. South assholes suck when it comes to business, look at chutiya Vijay Mallya such a failed chutiya he is. The south indian motherfuckers are such cowards, they can only run their fingers here and take out their furstrations, but for real they suck a brave dick. I have kicked so many south indian retards in their assess during my grad and post grad. South indian movies are such a joke, one man making cars humans dinosaurs fly LOL ugly women who even make my Television set stink are always under the threat of rape BIG LOL give me a billion to rape them I bet you I got no fukin guts to get close to them.

    1. heartranjan Post author


      You make KRK sound like J.M. Coetzee. I wonder how it must be, to be as stupid as you are.

      Do you know how to count? And cross the road? Could you tell me what is 7*6? On 25 Apr 2014 11:39, “Heartranjan's Blog” wrote:


      1. GAUTAM J.P

        Great article heartranjan. Stumbled upon this blog today and thinking of going through the rest of the posts as well. The comments were also very interesting. Nevertheless everyone has to know we are all a part of a great diverse country and we need the south and the north for the progress of 8ur country and its people. Some nutjobs never get it though. 🙂

    2. Vinatha Madhavan

      @ D. Shah
      Got a mirror at your house? When was the last time you looked in it? You’re no prize. On top of that, your English is atrocious. Translating your gibberish is tedious. Instead of trying to perfect your use of four letter words, how about you learn grammar, punctuation and spelling. And you actually have the guts to make fun of anyone’s English.

      Here in the US, even a South Indian woman wouldn’t give you a second look. Do us all a favor and lose the ugly picture before we puke.

    3. Indian

      Uncivilized…son of bitch…pls i hv a doubt whthr i heard it wrong…?? U bastard…wat have u said …south indians are good ly at IT uhhhhhh??? I mean really..nd their they r serving non-south indian masters…uhhhhhh…??? Wahhhhh dis shows ur jealousy towards us…but a little correction no north-indian is not larry page or bill gates…v hv satya nadella,sundar pichai , indra nooyi, in corporates…v hv Sir c v Rahman, chandrasekhar,venkataraman ramakrishnan…in science v hv ramanjuam, pillai nd may more in mathi, v hv vishwanathan anand ,nd d recent paralymbic champion from a little village in tamilnadu…i know u may not aware of these names..bcz ur comment shows u r an iliterate…so to tell u some names known to ur rusty brain i remind u the Oscar hero a.r.rahman, director of 1st 3D flim in india shankar, nd india’ biggest hit bahubali by rajamouli…none of them belong to ur north india.nd without south india india wud turn into a big africa without education ,literacy,poverty, human rights crisis, nd finally the raping country of the world…as Delhi already emerged as raping capital of the world… get some lyf u rapist…b4 degrading others…u r a shame on india nd indians..

  7. Bipin George

    Hi, I am from Kochi or Cochin, a happy South Indian, for being born in this wonderful state of Kerala and a proud Indian. I got many North Indian families mostly techies staying in my apartment and many of them having the first experience of south said they where pleasantly surprised when they found out, what they heard and believed of south was not true. Many of us are fair ever fairer than them , they found it hard to believe these fairer friends are not North Indians , second the variety of food, some of them love Puttu and kadaley, Appam and Curry, Kappa etc and for some the varieties of non veg food especially fish. Many of us can converse in Hindi, lately even in the bazaar they have started to speak Hindi ( thanks to 1million strong migrant Hindi belt labour without whom Kerala will come to a complete stop).

    I believe instead of stereotyping all the South Indians, and for the better future of our country all good North Indian friends reading this should travel once in a while and find out first hand and spread the word. South is progressing much faster than rest of India, a Keralite enjoy better standard of living than a much touted Gujrathy or Punjabi.

    It’s high time that we start putting these stupid notions aside and start living as Indians with out hurting each other.

    Watch Hollywood movies ? Seen the North Indian taxi driver and the funny accent, that’s how they think of us.

  8. upasana mandal

    Why do you think these movies where the protagonist who plays as stereotyped character (south Indian, north Indian, english, german etc) exists at the first place! To answer that i would say ‘WE ARE HUMANS’ and our brain functions in a certain type, we are cognitive misers (
    If I were to ask you what’s the very first thing that comes into your mind in terms of food about following places (keeping the fact aside that you have travelled the world and know a hell lot of these places personally) : China, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, or the very ‘own’ LONDON( UK, you see bollywood owns london). There would be very obvious answers from 75% of population in INDIA. And, that’s because that’s how we recognize communities in general (hence generalizations) not that they eat noodles, pizza, sausages on a daily basis; it is because they LOVE it. It’s the same when we talk about south, west, east, north or central Indian delicacies. And honestly if someone is stereotyping your community on the basis of food, instead of getting offended you should be proud that it is so well recognized and make others experience those flavours (Worldwide people recognise and love Indian cuisine because we LOVE them too and it doesn’t matter which part of India it comes from, it is just awesome, some people who are interested in food will dig into it though). Btw I am a bengali and I love my fish ;), will serve it to anyone who teases me with that.
    Secondly, when it comes to movies and actors (role played by actors), it’s an actor’s job to portray what his director, producer, and script writer imagined the movie and character to be like ( and of course there will be quite a many people who are south Indians and who were involved in making this movie). Whether he does it right or wrong makes him a good or bad actor, in no way it makes him the person who is incharge of showing the character he is playing (or stereotyped character). I also don’t like shahrukh as much, but him saying ‘Enna rascala’ in the movie comes from the fact that It’s so popular in South in Rajnikanth’s movie that he wants to copy it (it just doesn’t suit him).
    While I was going through the thread of comments, one thing is for sure- we take great pride in our community, what our community has given to India and it’s just not pride its ‘EGO PRIDE’!! and that’s what divides us, think about it!!
    Debating here over who makes brilliant movies and who makes crap movies is so petty. Think about on an international ground and its recognition folks. Bollywood is just very well marketed and promoted compared to other regional movies made in India. Laymans in other parts of the world (not talking about capital and big cities of the world, they are more aware) don’t even care to know what bollywood does or gives unless it is directed or produced by some icon from Hollywood (read slumdog millionaire for instance) and you are talking about Tollywood and other regional movies of India. I have friends who know A.R Rahman just because of his song ‘Jai ho’ and we as Indians (doesn’t matter where we come from in India) make them listen all his beautiful creations that are far better than ‘jai ho’. But people who are big movie buffs recognize good movie in any language and appreciate it.
    Language is just another means of communication (first being non-verbal communication). Sometimes you end up using mix of languages to converse with a local man. More than the language Indians connect with emotions (and that’s why they say ‘don’t go for words, feel the emotions’).Also as said millions of times ; LOVE HAS NO LANGUAGE ;).
    And Knowledge and Intelligence for me is situational/conditional (but I do believe south Indians are intelligent when it comes to core science subjects). As per knowledge is concerned gujratis are quite good as they are brilliant when it comes to business, Bengalis are good when it comes to knowledge of music, Punjabis are good in whatever they decide they want to do (as they are the group who dwell in every sort of work) and the list can go on. If you see my point (and I am stereotyping in a good way! )?
    Ra-one was an awful movie and shahrukh is not the greatest of actors, but he still sells his charm (you see dimples, no?). And why we stereotype -
    I am a great fan of your blogs and your reply comments on this article for dumheads are worth a salute. I hope my reply makes sense to you atleast. Cheers 

  9. Kavitha Shankaran

    South Indians are always more intelligent than North Indians. This was proven even by Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft. In mathematics and science, South Indians are having more knowledge than northies. This is a proven one. Please don’t praise North Indians unnecessarily. Please bring the facts. How many physics Nobel prize India got so far. Then automatically the northies will get the answer.

  10. yamini moorthy

    specially the term “mind it”..come on who use it… and it is strange when people don’t even understand the difference between a “lungi” and a “dhothi”…! i find It is only in televisions and the big screen these type of jokes are made.. really, i’ve been to many places in north and have a lot of friends there… we are always received well… When i heard of “Chennai Express” i was quiet excited.. but the trailers were enough..! i have not watched it till date….

  11. yamini moorthy

    Nice article with well crafted words. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Well i am a Tamilian, i watch Hindi movies, got North Indian friends, love North Indian cuisine, their culture n all.. I totally hate it when it comes to stereotyping, specialy`

  12. Tushar Srivastava

    Good article written by author. was really bad movie. A lot of crap is being produced by both bollywood & south industry. I sometimes wonder why majority of commerical films of south have type of scenes.some common scenes are
    1. fair skin girl(usually imported from north) running after hero & falling in love with him
    2. hero killing 1000s of villans.
    3. always focus on actress’s navel or some other part of body.
    though women are commodified in movies in bollywood too, but the degree of commodification is much more in south .I have read comments of south people that they do not care for fairness, if that is the case why a lot of actresses from north are working in south films? A lot of actresses even do not know the native language.
    As far as hindi is concerned, it can not be ignored. if one moves to other states,hindi will only work as connecting language. I once encountered a malyali auto driver in bangalore,he was not knowing english, somehow I managed to communicate with him using hindi. thus hindi acted as connecting language. same is the case if someone from tamil nadu goes to bengal, how will he communicate with local people(in market or on road)? a common bengali person may not know english but he will surely understand hindi.


    Guys I have seen heartranjans main article and all the comments with different odour and emotions…..know what? I am just smiling with heart ache.I am third generation Indian born and breed in Malaysia where we are just 9 percent out of 28 million total population.We lived side by side with Malays,Chinese,Kadazans,Dusuns,Jawanese,Bugis and god knows who else.Most of the Indians here are southerners with small portion of of Jafna Tamils and Punjabis. What I am trying to say is life is not easy here for us….It is like walking in stack of needles.When push comes to shove, the world dont care who you are …they just dont give a hack if you are Siddharth Singh,Abd Salem or Kumar Pillai….they just see you as Indians.Enough with north Indians and South Indians….enough with SRK and Rajinikanth….when we let two Indians ,one from south and one from north live in a country like mine…they will live as friends…side by side as one.I never set my foot on Indian, beautiful country my grandfather came from….many of us Indians living all around the world far away from the wind of India….when we are down and broken, we have no where to hold hope….India is the only place we have…if things gets nasty and worst I still have Indian.So be good guys, you dont have kiss and make up with each other but please dont breed hatred and destroy the nation for a simple entertaining article about SRK.

    1. Kartashok

      Oh bhenchot punjabi, apne TANDOORI CHICKEN ko apni ma ka bhosda ke andar dal ke kha le. Tamil log ka mazak mat udhao, chhota lund wala uttar bharti!!!!

      1. Siddharth Singh

        Excuse Me !!! Don’t You Know The Sheer Decency of How to Talk to 14-year old Kids !!!!!! And What the Hell is Wrong With You , I Like What i Eat !!! My Friends hate it , Random Strangers who Criticize Every North indian Comment Hate The Idea !!! So WHAT !!! Isn’t it a Democracy !!! and MR Hriday(The Blog Writer) if i am not wrong this is just too much ….. And Mr. Kathashok Mind Your Language ……….. And I have been Eating that thing since i was 8-year old in vizag so its my childhood delicacy so Just SHUT THE SCHMUCK UP or Kill Yourself !!!!!!

        1. Amrita Mangaraj

          Will definitely try it now. Dint occur to me den evn wen SRK himself hd it on d big screen. But if a 14 yr old kid, who is mature enuf not to rebuke using a single crappy word, vouches for noodles wid curds den I m up for it. (Ignore dat crack. He doesnt evn deserve ur attention. )

  14. Abd Salem

    Nice Read however, the use of the F… word could have been avoided. About your opinion and the array of comments received. Time and again, just like Mr. Kamal Hassan was snubbed by a group of illiterate Muslims (i am a Muslim from Kerala), I sadly see a bunch of us here taking Mr. SRK to the cleaners for the depiction of South Indians the way he did. In my honest opinion (not demeaning anyone), the intelligent viewer should refrain from thinking about a movie beyond anything but 2 to 3 hrs of time pass. There is a cliche(sad but true) associated with portraying South Indians from the times Indian movies started, where a formula is stuck in the head and has worked with the masses. One SRK cannot turn it around in a movie. The best things are better left unsaid and we should be proud of people who truly define what we have achieved and nobody can take it away from us(South indians). In my opinion, we do not have to ask for anything more

    In no particular order

    Presidents of the Country – 8 times out of 13 Presidents (So Called South Indians)
    Scientist – C V Raman (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate First Asian and first non-White to receive any Nobel Prize in the sciences)
    Nuclear Research – Abdul Kalam (President)
    Directors – Mani Ratnam, Manoj Night Shyamalan, Mira Nair
    Actors – Highest Paid Actor in India – Rajnikant, Kamal Hassan, Mammootty, Mohanlal (Maximum National Awards) VijayanthiMala, Sridevi, Rekha Hema Malini (Top Actresses of their era)
    Cinematography – Santosh Shivan Ravi K Chandran
    Art Direction – Sabu Cyril
    Music – Ilaiyaraja (Maestro) A R Rahman (Double Oscar Grammy) (Kolaveri Di – Global Sensation if anybody liked it or not) SPB Yesudas (Record Holder for maximum songs in maximum languages)
    Cricket – Kris Srikanth G Vishwanath V Prasad Srinath Kumble (10 wickets) and many more
    Tennis – Vijay Amritraj Ashok Amritraj (One of the first Indian Hollywood Producers Hyde Park), Sania Mirza (First Indian Women Grand Slam Winner), Mahesh Bhupathi
    Athletics – P T Usha
    Hockey – Dhanraj Pillai
    Football – I M Vijayan
    Chess – Grandmaster Vishwanath Anand
    International TV Host – Padma Lakshmi
    Technology – Wipro Infosys HCL (To name a few)
    First Mosque In India (whether it is relevant or not) – Calicut or Kozhikode
    Largest Luxury Car Factories – Chennai
    Love it or Hate it – Best IPL Team – Chennai Super Kings
    Love it or Hate It – Indian Defense Minister A K Anthony
    Love it or Hate It – Indian National Congress has formed a government (Largely due to DMK Support)
    Love it or Hate It – BCCI President (Srinivas – even though he is not good)
    Love it or Hate it – India

    Strange but True – CEO of SRK’s Companies – Venky Mysore

    Love us or Hate us, you just cannot ignore us – We being intelligent should take it in the right spirit that we are always important else, why would they make a movie totally dedicated to us(if they portray it right or wrong).

    Any reaction will portray us in bad light and create more hatred.

    Request all viewers and listeners to take it in the stride and hold our heads high and not bother about what they say, coz We know we are better any time hands down!

    Cheers to our South Indian Pride and please feel free to add details if I have left out any!

  15. anisha

    Im sorry but i think ur overreacting.. i actually didnt find the stereotypes in the movie too offensive.. im south indian too.

  16. Gyanesh

    OK … The blogger hates SRK. Why? SRK is doing what sells even if it is distasteful and dumb .. Thereby Demeaning Bollywood. but Mr blogger .. then you are just like SRK.
    are you usingthe blogging medium to make a constructive difference in people’s lives? are you creating a groundbreaking piece of literature? No, you are writing about the same SRK do get some hits for your blog.
    if you really dislike SRK, please stop watching him so closely and writing everything down … best revenge.
    I think you love SRKand idolize him and follow his ways of grabbing attention of people …

  17. TODY

    When we were at school almost all jokes had sardars in them, we had not many people from the south. Idly Dosa was once or twice a year visit to the “Indian Coffee House” in the nearby big city.

    As they say it is not a joke if no one gets offended, my take on this article, grow up life is too short and you will not come out of it alive.

  18. Athul Shaji

    You are a big fan of Russel Peters I guess .##’having an innuendo filled name like ‘Ramandeep’ or ‘Hardik'”
    It’s a friggin bollywood movie dude. Even stereotypes are overexerted that everyone watching it gets the idea. I mean who runs around singing songs and dancing with their girlfriends? It happens only in the movies. A movie is just a movie.
    It was nice reading your blog .

  19. Nitin

    I just found your blog and I ‘ll admit I love your articles….especially the one about Uday Chopra.
    But I must tell I was on the same page as you until you used the line ” having an innuendo filled name like ‘Ramandeep’ or ‘Hardik’,” well doing you are being guilty here of what you are accusing Srk of.
    I know its your blog so your choice but i just feel you coul have done without this line.
    Anyways good writing.
    Look forward to more from you.Cheers.

      1. heartranjan Post author

        Well, that was sort of a retort to the general assumption that South Indians have names like Kumaraswamy Iyengar Mahaganapathy Subramaniam. All I wanted to say was that names are funny, depending on which side of the fence you’re standing on.

        On 21 June 2013 12:30, Heartranjan's Blog

  20. ghsrikanth

    Good one dude…..really enjoyed…..I wish you write another post seeing Chennai Express of SRK’s.

  21. kumar

    look south indians may do all that said in article. and people may make fun of all that. so what. need not shout,cry and bit*h about it. if some mindless people wana make fun let them. im from south stayin in north. here these lazy people are not even worth making fun of. all are bloody showoffs with nothing inside their empty skulls. so just chill. every1 has their own weakness.

  22. Tellmeaboutit

    Heartranjan, can I just say “I love you” for your awesome replies…especially to that woman called Sukriti (May 15th post)?! Like, seriously! 😛

  23. Hirsute Hippo

    Chaala baagundi mama. Well played as usual. And this, coming from an honorary Andhraphile. IRL I’m a fishhead eating Bong who lives in the heart of Jat country and loves all sorts of films. My favourite work from Bollywood is Kanti Shah ka Gunda, but only because it has Mithun da in it, kaada?

  24. Ankit Singh

    I sometimes feel had our founding fathers not divided states on linguistic basis but on the basis of natural resources such stereotypes might have gone away, with a country as diversified as India any political decision which has a flavor of language or community only amplifies such stereotypes.

  25. Shiju

    Also… People seem afraid to say a film starring or produced by Shahrukh Khan was bad. Ra-One rated 0 out of 5. Jab Tak…bad. Often he over acts and too old. (playing lover to 24 year old heroines ) He should give some young talent a chance and retire to some of his other business ventures. I think he is hooked on Ego and fame. His lover role technique is dated and he should mentor new talent. SAD.

  26. Shiju

    Not only are you right about the stereotypes in Ra-One special effects and costuming were lifted from Robot, batman, Iron Man. The “Hart” is right out of Iron Man. Since Khan hired Americans to do special effects they just used old ideas in American films and cheated Khan out of millions. Ra-One was insulting to South Indians and to film audiences worldwide. His acting as the Dad or Superhero was weak. It is a Shake the plot was taken from Toonpur Ka Superhero. Bollywood needs WRITERS with original stories. Shahrukh is interested in the 100 croes

  27. Smitha

    good one.. i am sick and tired of correcting ppl that all south indians r not madrasi and we r not ‘idli sambhar’ and all of us dont speak tamil. and for god’s sake we dont use ‘aiyyo’ ‘i say’ .

    1. sukriti

      but all of you are more or less same…bullshit languages.disgusting style of dress.colour.bath in oil.u guys should be ashamed of saying urself indian when u dont speak HINDI

      1. heartranjan Post author

        I don’t know who you are, you pea brained moron, but you are so full of shit, I don’t know where to begin.

        It’s not like people in India have been speaking in Hindi since the age of Ramayan. Hindi is a derivative from Sanskrit, which itself has its roots in other languages. As a language, Tamil had literature more than 2000 years ago, before Hindi was even present in its present form.

        Dickheads like you think it is some sort of a national service you are doing by expecting everyone to speak in Hindi. There were languages that existed before Hindi, so you can stop acting like the sun shines out of your ass. Relax. Take a deep breath.

        Done? Now read carefully.

        Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, have been declared as ‘Classical languages’, the same status given to Sanskrit. Hindi is a recent language in comparision.

        Also, nowhere has it been mentioned that Hindi is the national language of the country. It has only been declared as an ‘Official language’. Nowhere has it been mentioned that everyone needs to be speaking the language, nor that someone needs to be ashamed if they don’t speak it. Also, the 1962 census found that there are about 1652 languages in India.

        Check out this link, in case you have the ability to read more than 300 words at a stretch:

        Read it? Good. Now tilt your head in one direction and keep it like that for an hour. Some of the shit in your head might come out through your ears.

      2. heartranjan Post author

        And oh! English is also the official language of the country, like Hindi.

        Going by the standard of your English, and the sound logic that drives you to shame other people, you should probably hang yourself in shame!

        1. aisha b

          Been reading your stuff since 3 hours,,,probably gonna stay up all night…start a magazine or something…i’m glad to have finally found someone who understands the meaning of humour!! oh n sukriti above needs to get her head out of her ass…

          1. Anirudh Arvind

            her fucking head is so far up her ass that its coming back out of her mouth, lol..
            her life must be like an inception style shit fest.
            why can’t people just get mature and chill the fuck out.
            light a joint and pass it around, people!

      3. Kartashok

        Abe HURIYA mujhe Hindi acchi tarah se aati hai kyonki mera bada dakshin bharti lund ko tumhare uttar bharatiy ladkiyon ke andar daal kar chudta hu. Who the fuck are you to tell me what language to speak? GOD BLESS SOUTH INDIA!

  28. bhaskarjit borah

    Yah he is a piece of shit, I was in Hyderabad, people are much better than of Delhi, shahrukh doesn’t know anything about the south India, i m sure south Indian autowallas will make a better movie than in a day…

  29. Jakes_bejoy

    Haha thoroughly enjoyed this blogpost. Spot on. i never could muster the courage to watch it as the trailers were self explanatory. I happened to see a few parts when they aired it on TV and it was bloody disgusting. Typical gaylordish overacting with crappy dialogues and shittier comedy. He has become unbearable lately..

  30. satyam123

    Not only SRK….I ve seen Lara Dutta and Karan Johar saying some similar bullshit about South indian dressing and making fun of South Indian songs and movies.So LARA DUTTA I dunno why the f*** she acts in a film down south and go to some stupid show hosted by Karan Johar who obviously doesnt know any shit about meaningful cinema and tell him about our movies and our dressing.We Madrasis(the way they call us) in reality talk real good english than most of the Northies(the way we call them) working in Software here.We dont make fun of it.Sorry I am made to forced to compare both here to tell the reality.

  31. Soumitro Mukherjee

    It might interest you that SRK’s next movie is ‘Chennai Express’… He’ll definitely look to complete the entire spectrum of South Indian stereotype ‘jokes’ there, you know create a whole body of work, as opposed to just a one-off… Expecting a whole cast of aiyyayyo-uttering, lungi-wearing, idli-sambhar-dosa-gorging, mustachioed, 5-shades-darker-than-Northie-counterparts, dorky, mathematical geniuses there..

  32. midhun geevargese sabu

    united states of india……………………proud to be arya-dravidian blood…………..fuck u guys….

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  34. AYOOSH K.P

    Hey check the national awards tally.south especially malayalam stands out.Bollywood portrays south cinema as masala flicks and copies 50% films from here and 50% foreign films.Watch some malayalam movies will suggest palerimanikyam,sukritham,kireedom,thaniyavarthanam,vidheyan and the list goes on. Btw south films doesnt means its a single film industry there are four south states with four different film industry.Bollywood had got good talent and good film makers like anurag kashyap,prakash jha and actors like nazarudheen shah,anupam kher,manoj vajpaye,nana, actress like konkana,vidhya balan,nandhitha ect.but they are not accepted there.There is good audience for these guys in my hm state kerala.just type malayalam film industry in wiki you will get an idea.appreciate good films which are made in any region.A manoj vajpayee is any day a better actor than shah rukh,salman ect but he cant find takers in bollywood bcoz its ruled by looks.He could have become a leading actor if he was working in MALAYALAM bcoz looks are not a criterion here.Any body heard of mohanlal,mammooty,thilakan,murali,nedumudi venu ……………………….. list is endless.just clik these names in you tube and watch some clips of their movies then write comments on malayalam films.It will be highly appreciated if mr. Heartranjan gives a reply after having a looks at the above leads.

  35. Shobhit

    fucking south indian sons of bitches
    listen up mofos
    we ve been ruling you for ages now
    so cry ,go run to ur mamas and cry n sob and suck it up in the end cuz theres nothing you can do
    you fucking dravidians were meant to be ruled by us aryans
    haha, stupid black losers.

    1. Just an indian

      Oh god not another troll !!!!
      Hmmmm…. were to begin ….
      first. Aryan invasion theory is a complete bull shit
      second Black ??? When you abuse people because of skin colour then you are called RACIST !!!
      Do us a favour and get off the internet you racist
      Thank You

    2. SWEHA


    3. sukriti

      i do agree to you dude….they are supposed to be depressed….the way they wear,look ,talk,eat ,behave just degrades india outside…i am from usa,,,have seen how badly they potrayed india outside…bullshit…downmarket…creepy roaches.

    4. Divya Elizabeth George

      yo shobhit,
      whats north india so awesome for yea? raping children ? gang raping women in moving vehicles? illiteracy? criminality? thats wat NORTH INDIA has t offer to our country. nothing WE can do ???? NORTH is what is challenging the progress of this country if anything!!!! omg !! south india, KERALA has the highest literacy rate. yes we can all be better and do a lot more towards ourselves and our country but really if its up for tally? south would be wayyy higher than north can ever dream off. so FUCK YOU. oh n btw, south indians have always been able to come out and speak Hindi, broken maybe but they try and succeed. its yu ppl who cant get out and LEARN something new, instead yu’ll just walk around talking the big talk. yu couldnt walk the walk babe. yu kno it, i kno it. its common knowledge. LEARN. thats the only thing that matters, thats how yu create change.

      ps: BLACK? that must be the color of the cunt that brought yu into the world, yu lil racist pig.

      1. heartranjan Post author

        Ouch! What’s with the hate, Divya?

        You see, I have realised that there is no point reasoning with some people. Why even go through it? Like The Beatles would say, “Let it be, let it be!”.

    5. Kartashok

      You fucking north Indians are nothing but faggots! You aren’t Aryan, a lot of you Northies are even darker than me! Fucking little dicked faggot rapists, WE ARE THE ONLY REASON INDIA IS EVEN THIS GOOD! Who gave Delhi it’s metro system? A south Indian. Who gave India it’s nuclear program, space program, milk distribution, countless nobel prizes, etc.? SOUTH INDIANS! WE RULE YOU, YOU FAGGOT! North Indians are the same as Muslim Arabs: Rapist pedophile murderers. One says Allah hu Akbar, and the other defecates repeatedly in the Ganges, drinking the same water. Oh, and I’d advise you stinky bastards to stop having children all the fucking time. Also, your women stink worse than shit, do you even wash? Your dick is only three inches, which is not enough to satisfy any girls except East Asians. Even your ugly, stinky Northie girls want my Tamil dick all day, and believe me, they get it!! Oh, also I wonder why South India is ten times cleaner and more developed than your beloved North, must be because we are much more evolved than you Middle-Eastern monkeys.

      1. Debayan Basu

        Bro, just because one guy sullied the south, you are going on to degrade the whole community based on that? Are you really going to stoop that low and start insulting everyone? Please try to change your mentality and try to live in peace and harmony.
        I am from north and i love the places in south. Try to be more mature about this.

    6. Vinatha Madhavan

      What the hell are you talking about? North India never ruled anybody. The only thing you did was play a bitch to Muslims, you moron.

      Come to the US and tell white people that you are an “Aryan.” They’ll laugh their asses off. Nobody here can tell the difference between a North Indian or a South Indian. Last year, it was a South Indian that won Miss America and she beat out two North Indians. So much for your superiority!

    7. Vinatha Madhavan

      BTW, while you’re at it, go learn some genetics. All Indians are Aryans and Dravidian. You are nothing special. A legend in your mind. You are such a pathetic example of inferiority complex.

    8. Sayak Bhattacharyya

      Buddy just go visit some European countries . You will get to know how white you are. Bye the way, who was your history teacher? That person should seriously think about committing suicide.

  36. virat

    to sharrukh khan what you forgot to say my brother
    srgay : they eat idli dosa samber everyday
    y’all : why, because fuck you thats why.

    srgay actually is a dickhead

  37. Yo da one

    The question is “What is bollywood”
    Movies made for North Indians.
    The next question is “Who are North Indians”
    Illiterates slum dwellers who are unaware of the outter world.

  38. Jake

    You are cool man.I love your blog.I’m South Indian and I know Michael Jackson but who the fuck is this Sharuk Khan?He’s not famous out here.

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  40. Sai Gunaranjan

    i dint watch d movie (i dint have d courage after reading all the reviews) but i am attracted towards the discussions about the portrayal of south indians by sharukh khan well i cannot boast of watching some number of cinemas in some particular language but i have to confess that i am an avid movie buff and i watch movies of any language if it is worth watching well i have spent quiet some of my life in the northern parts of the country i have done my graduation and p.g course there) and have watched quiet some hindi movies what saddens me is that everytime a southie is portrayed he is typecast ed. well for that matter many ppl are (biharis, sardars, nepalis bhayyas marathis gujratis and the list goes on) but i fail to understand why ppl are complaining we shld be clear of one fact that bollywood is national cinema and all others are regional cinemas and a national cinema has to be shot in hindi as it is the language of majority of indians well one thing the producers cld do to avoid this controversy is to provide a disclaimer sort of thing (as chetan bhagat does in his book two states) to avoid all these discussions. well one thing i have to confess is that as a south indian i was never faced any discrimination or no one made serious fun of me and i was received well. and one last question dont we make fun of sardars in our south movies?

    1. Bhaskar Pratim Baruah

      Liked your maturity man….even i m a north-eastern indian( many dont even know where exactly north east is in indian map…but dats okay)….i did my grads from south n even i was received welll by all…well almost all. Lets just not generalise everything,be it movies or region basis few….p.s: i liked a username of a guy out here-justanindian…perfect to bring in a little harmony in this post…n i like dosa to..:)

  41. agathya

    dude.. its too good.. 🙂 got to know abt this blog from a frnd of mine.. so sad that i missed it until now.. 🙁 .. started to read all ur prev blogs.. a long way to go.. 😉

  42. nakul prakaash

    tamil cinema is changing.the role of a heroine is not just to dance for 5 songs.i don’t care about Vijay cause all his films are the same type of masala movies.a lot of good films like ghajini,anniyan,dasavatharam,anbe sivam,vetaiyadu vilayadu,kireedom,vaaranam aayiram,madarasapattinam,autograph,nandhalaala,ko,mangaatha and 7am arivu have released.i’m sorry if i hurt you by referring to hindi cinema in a bad way but i felt ra one was bullshit and i will never commit to see any hindi film hereafter in my life at all.south indians were insulted!if a tamil cinema has someone like Surya or Ajith playing a north indian and they talk in broken english,hindi and behave like insane,will u agree?
    the character that Sharukh portrays is that of a tamilian and he isn’t able to talk tamil properly but sings and talks fluently in hindi!!!!!!!
    Anyways, sorry if i had hurt your feelings dude!

    1. heartranjan Post author

      No, man. Relax! You didn’t hurt my feelings or anything. I thought the film was rubbish as well, and I also think Shah Rukh Khan is full of dung. I too feel that his portrayal of a South Indian in the film was insensitive and insulting.

      But the point I was trying to make is that every film industry has its own nuances – most of which don’t go down well with people who are not acquainted with the other person’s sensibilities. Hindi cinema churns out a lot of bullshit as well, man. Makes me sick.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, man. Looking forward to more such comments from you!

    2. Srikanth

      Dude srsly….whats ur problem…..don’t u think u r being bit more judgmental than just expressing your opinion……you can’t go on calling everything u hate as shit….I hope u get that clear as hell.
      First you started with SRK…then hindi…bollywood movies…i don’t know in what rightful mind you brought Nepali movies….and the list of movies u have mentioned do u really think those are not commercial portboilers….srsly mangaatha, ko…..first check ur taste on movies….and form an opinion and express with them. Dont JUDGE using them

  43. nakul prakaash

    I am from Tamil Nadu dude.We people don’t learn Hindi and can’t understand the language.We had Ra One release in Tamil and so for the first time I watched a hindi movie and i realized that the standard of acting was nothing compared to South Indian movies.They claim Sharukh Khan to be a superstar in North India and he acts like a debut actor.People who have seen the likes of Mohan lal,Kamal hasan,Rajinikanth, Nagarjuna,Mammooty,Vikram,Ajith,Surya,Mahesh Babu,Sirinjeevi,Arya,Jeeva etc. will understand that SRK is not worthy to be called an actor.I’ve seen more than a 500 Tamil movies,20 Malayalam movies and about 10 Telugu movies.Never in these movies have i seen a bad portrayal of North Indians.i saw Ra one and i’ve decided not to see any hindi movies here after.Sharukh Khan sucks,dumb actor!i think it will take another 20-25 years for hindi films to improve and catchup with the quality of South Indian films!i agree hindi films do better business than Tamil films although they don’t have quality.i feel thats because of the vulgar portrayal of women and the item numbers and sex scenes they add in.

    1. Bala

      comeon. I am also from Tamil Nadu. I don’t think Tamil movies are supreme. We also have 90% crap movies. It is becoz the no of films in Hindi is more, we have more probability of watching crap movies in Hindi than Tamil or others. Since we are regionally restricted film makers can experiment just considering a set of audience. In hindi it is not possible to satisfy all. Still there are significant peoples don’t like Rang de Basanti.

    2. Shubhadeep

      “I am from Tamil Nadu dude.We people don’t learn Hindi and can’t understand the language” — WOW!!! what a pride. that is why people down south are almost impossible to communicate. You actually don’t understand that one nation needs at least one common language to interact with each other. Tamil Nadu is not the whole India.

    3. Mandakini

      Nakul Prakash – Dude you are very Judgemental I must say.You just watched one movie and made such a big conclusion about entire Bollywood.I advice you to read HeartRanjan s reply to your comment once more.. or if required 5-6 times,then you might get it.
      And seeing your comment I guess you are too young to be on this forum.
      HeartRanjan – You rock!! I love your writing and start my day with your blog 🙂 but I
      guess this forum should be for people above 18 years of age who can actually understand your writing 😉 😛 (No offence meant)

  44. minu aravinnd

    very crisp and clean hriday. enjoyed reading it. i just wanted to add something, when we talk about stereotyping i think a malayali is the one who is the first victim. so belonging to this community i could relate many things you said. good going

  45. Nikki Gurung

    I just couldn’t tolerate the amount of bullshit Ra.One had to offer…that i HAD to leave the hall even before the interval. I mean how can anyone in their sane mind even entertain such horrible insult.?? I’m a nepali and the way my community is potrayed in Bollywood movies, characters playing the role of a security guard named “Bahadur”… or something. well hello, stop stereotyping communities..morons.!!!bahadur means courage and that a quality we are proud of, not for idiotic and ignorant pple to make fun of.!!! Like the recent CocaCola advertisement where they show a guard in front of a girls hostel while 3 (I’ve got no life) friends venture around the city in the middle of the night..seriously.??????????? if we wanted to, then we could also mention the jhalmuri wallas, the golgupey wallas,or mochis or anything, but that wouldn’t feel right from within..

    1. heartranjan Post author

      Couldn’t agree more. Most films resort to such stereotypes because most of our humour is based on that – making fun of people by catering to the Lowest Common Denominator (Hope that’s right, my maths!).

      But I guess it’ll take time for things to change. Till then, a fat guy falling will always be funny!

    2. nakul prakaash

      Bollywood movies suck dude.they used to make fun of the Dravidians from south india and now u Nepalis too!!!!!!!!!!they impose their fuckin language hindi on south indians.we speak our own languages like tamil,malayalam,telugu,kannada and are should also start watching only Nepali movies and stop watching Hindi crap!Bollywood is bullshit.if there aren’t any nepali movies, watch tamil , telugu or malayalam movies which are 100 times better than hindi movies!!!!!!!!1

      1. heartranjan Post author

        I don’t know who you are, but you’ve got major issues in your head, man.

        Firstly, it is futile to try to compare films of different languages. Primarily because people have different sensibilities. They have been brought up with a set of films, and that is what makes them seem like the norm. And I don’t agree with you when you say that South Indian films are better than films in the North. In the same way that I wouldn’t agree that Hindi films are better than South Indian films.

        I watch Hindi films, South Indian films (Telugu and Tamil), regional cinema from other states, Hollywood, and also films from other countries. You’d understand what I’m talking about if you watched other films and widened your range a little bit. Take for example, Hindi films vs Tamil films. In Hindi films, it is perfectly normal for the hero and heroine to appear in Switzerland and then Greece as and when there is a para change in the song. People down South would find it stupid (though its a concept that’s found in the South as well). Similarly, in the South, with one punch from the hero, the villain goes flying into the air. People from the North would find it funny. Or take the notion of hero in the first place. In Hindi films, you have to be good looking to be a hero. But in the South, looks are not as important. So Vijay might be a star in Tamil Nadu, but it would be impossible for him to become a hero in Hindi films. There are lots of such issues that differentiate many film industries.

        Doesn’t make one better than the other. It just means that people have different sensibilities in different areas. In the same way you feel Shah Rukh Khan acts like a debut actor, I think most Telugu and Tamil films (I am saying *most*, before you pounce on me) do not have a particular genre. They are all masala films that have action, drama, comedy, family sentiment, all of that rolled into one film. You talk about Hindi films having to take 20-25 years to match up to South Indian films, but anybody with a decent understanding of cinema will tell you that the first step towards a mature cinema audience would be to have films in a genre, not all the *navarasas *rolled into one. Doesn’t make them better or worse films. It just means people down South like their films in a different way. Acknowledging and understanding these differences will help you learn more about cinema – give it a shot.

        Also, you claim to have watched 500 Tamil films and accuse Hindi films of vulgar portrayal of women? Really? In most South Indian films, (and I’m talking about the mainstream commercial films) the role of the heroine is to dance to five songs, act cute, and show her navel. Is that progressive in anyway? I am only pointing it out to you because you seem to have so many prejudices against something you haven’t exposed yourself enough to, that I find it funny. And one more thing, I had no intention to create rifts on the basis of regional and linguistic differences. Nobody is forcing you to take up a particular language, and no one is making fun of anyone.

        If you wish to spew hatred just for the heck of it, there are hordes of sites you can do it at. But it’d be a lot better if you learn to acknowledge differences among people and their tastes. Will go a long way in making you a mature person.

        1. Sosha

          Yeah, what’s this about the South Indian obsession with a woman’s navel?! Any explanation for why the whole group has the same fetish? I’m seriously curious and hope you answer!

        2. Vezha Vendhan

          the things u said about tamil films………don’t that apply in hindi films too……don’t u copy stories from hollywood…….remake movies from south india…..are all ur actors handsome(ajay devgan,even srk is not that handsome)……does women come in films where they have role to act…..not as a sex symbol(sunny leone)……..most of ur actors are not even indians(katrina kaif,imran khan,alia bhatt)

        3. Vezha Vendhan

          the things u said about tamil films………don’t that apply in hindi films too……don’t u copy stories from hollywood…….remake movies from south india…..are all ur actors handsome(ajay devgan,even srk is not that handsome)……does women come in films where they have role to act…..not as a sex symbol(sunny leone)……..most of ur actors are not even indians(katrina kaif,imran khan,alia bhatt)

      2. Avinash Dubey

        Hey what is wrong in speaking Hindi,Is Hindi not our national language according to our constitution.And no body impose Hindi on south Indians,they themselves prefer it if they have to move in political circles of India just like Sonia Gandhi did.
        Rest about your movies some times i am amazed that how south Indians having such a good level of intellect make those stupid telugu movies in which one hero can beat more than 500 hundred men kicking more than 20 men at a time in air.
        I agree Sharukh movies are crap movies and most dumb people watch him.If you want to watch good Bollywood movies then please watch movies directed by Anurag kashyap,Vishal Bhardwaj,Tigmanshu Dhulia etc.

        1. sskrao

          Mr. Dubey, let me please clear your doubts about “National language” and “Official language”. Hindi is an OFFICIAL language ONLY. In the constitution of India, English and Hindi are the accepted Official languages. But Hindi is obviously not the majorly spoken language, except for Madhya Pradesh whose regional language happens to be Hindi, any other state has its own language which has a few similarities to Hindi/Sanskrit (i am not even including those script-less tribal languages spoken in many bordering areas of the world, for example, a language called “Badaga” spoken by a tribe in the bordering areas of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Though its famous in the region and spoken by many has no script till this date!). I know where you’re coming from and believe me when i say this because i am born into a Telugu family but my birthplace was Chattisgarh and my entire upbringing took place in Madhya Pradesh and other North Indian states. There are several people like me who have been around our nation since childhood, ate and mingled with people from all cultures and backgrounds. So please never again mention anywhere that Hindi is our National language, because it is NOT! Most North Indians seem to be under the confusion that it is. Our forefathers, though they could speak Hindi, were not regular Hindi speakers themselves, think about it. Gandhi and Sardar Patel were Gujarati’s, Nehru was a Kashmiri, Maulana Azad spoke Urdu, but these men had only one language in common, that is, ENGLISH! That’s why India also has English as its official language because that is the ONE thing that unites all of India. Our nation is divided not based on religion or politics but on the basis of culture, language and tradition. Please try to understand our own nation before you go on making such a statement. It is kind of offensive, to me anyway.

          Now talking about why do “South Indians” make such crappy movies where a hero kicks 20 people in the air? For a good laugh, if not anything else. Why should that bother anyone? We know that in reality that is practically impossible. Whether its almighty Hrithik or his alter ego Krrishh, or Rajni kanth, nobody can kick 20 people in the air and keep them frozen in the sky until kingdom comes! We all know its not real. But if the Director saw it fit to keep that scene in the movie then may be its just for laughs, take it easy dude.

          And finally, I do not like your top choices of North Indian film Directors. If you really are a Cinephile then I’d suggest you to watch Deepa Mehta’s, Mira Nair’s or Shekhar Kapoor’s films, which are really a work of Art, hence called Art House Films! Their work is not recognized within India but they are accepted and very well appreciated world wide. As far as Anurag Kashyap goes, yeah he can make good films, and he does try his best, i guess, but a movie like “Ugly” will definitely change your opinion about ranking him as one of your first choices of comparisons with North Indian Cine Directors.

          This is a reply to merely educate you and not hurt your typical Indian male sentiments, if any.



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