This has nothing to do with Primary School. But a bio on him would be incomplete without this incident. I still get tears in my eyes out of laughing……

This happened in 10th. Enrico by then was 1 year my junior. Venkateshwarlu sir had seen the two of us run away during darshan to buy stuff. So, the next day after everyone had gone for darshan, he called me to his room and beat me up.

Enrico came up to my room (I was in C floor) and said, “I’m sorry man. You got beaten because of me”. We were talking, when all of a sudden, Venku entered the room. He was pissed, man. He got a stick and thrashed the life out of Enrico.

I don’t know if it was an emotionally charged moment or because Venku was really strong, but Enrico started crying. Venku was shocked. This guy, who was a pain in the ass for everybody for 10 years was crying?????

So, he bent down and said, “Enrico, are you crying?”

Enrico looked up slowly, looked into Venku’s eyes and said….

“No,I’m peeing from my eyes….”.

WHAM!!! The whacking continued….

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