The Beauty of a Morning Joint

Isn’t it amazing?

We choose to pursue one activity all our lives, to put food in our belly, a shelter over our heads, and clothes on our body.

And that one activity determines how we spend all of our days. When we wake up, how we have our food, when we rush off to ‘work’. When we choose that one activity, we pretty much choose how we lead our lives.

And that is how our mornings go – rushing, pushing, jostling, bustling. We spend the nights in the way we choose to – spending time and money to blur consciousness, making love to a book, or wandering about the dark underbelly of the World Wide Web.

And yet, no matter how much of a rebel you are – you cannot evade the military discipline of your mornings. We have made mornings the most frustrating time of the day – people are either in a hurry, or irritable, or both.




I have always been a morning person.

No matter when I sleep, when the sun is out, my dreams go into Sleep mode, my eyes open, and I am up in a matter of minutes. It used to seem unfair to me – that I should wake up and go about my tasks, while my friend who had the same number of drinks, was still lying blissfully in a Natraja pose.

I considered using my mornings for constructive work – going for a run, hitting the gym, or doing some yoga. But some of us aren’t equipped like that. If all the lazy men of the world were made to stand in a line, I would be the drunk hippo meandering in the meadows nearby.

Listening to music always seemed like an interesting option – but having to pick one song after the other on Youtube squeezes the joy out of the experience. And so I would wander about like a zombie in the mornings, full of energy, and nothing to do about it.

Till I chanced upon the most beautiful creation by man – the Morning Joint.




A Morning Joint helps you pull back time; to stretch it out at your ease.

A Morning Joint helps you gently jump over clocks and alarms, schedules and tasks – even if for a brief, magical while.

A Morning Joint sets your day up for you in a way that the most accomplished secretary couldn’t. You can zoom in, edit the details, or zoom out, and look at the larger picture.

A Morning Joint takes you back to the very reason we created music. As I type this, my neighbour is playing Bombay Se Gayi Patna, and I can notice the intricate chord changes in the song.

It is an unshackling of your chains – a trip to revisit that song from childhood. Or to watch that video you tripped on, when you didn’t know what it meant.

A Morning Joint is a date with Bob Dylan, a coffee with Robert Plant, it is a conversation with Carl Sagan, a smile with Carlin.

Your brain – that crazed kid on steroids that is running about all day, decides to slip off its slippers and lie down on the grass. A Morning Joint gives you a head-start in the day. A gentle nudge, like a friend tipping you into a swimming pool after a couple of beers.

It’s not the same as lighting up a cigarette. A cigarette is a commodity, a factory-made product that’s sold in packs, and taxed by the government. When you smoke a cigarette, you are merely contributing to the economy.

A joint is hand-crafted. Mixed, measured, blended, rolled to perfection. When you roll a joint, you are using your hands and your mind – you are creating a piece of art.

Have your Morning Joint alone. There is no pressure to talk, to explain, to describe. To agree, or conform. It is Your Time.

The Morning Joint is that little indulgence your life allows you. A chance to take a piece of the 24-hour pie we are all served, and bite into it, and feel the taste flowing into you.

A Morning Joint is a thing of beauty.

As I light it up, and the sun streams in through my window, I have nothing else to say.

Have a wonderful day!

24 thoughts on “The Beauty of a Morning Joint

  1. Farhan

    @Shuvendu And he didn’t mean you are a nice blogger he meant to say it sarcastically which means it’s the opposite of what he said. The actual statement is that you are not even a nice human let alone blogger. Peace 🙂

  2. Aakash

    Although have quit it as life has moved on , however the part “You can zoom in, edit the details, or zoom out, and look at the larger picture.” really struck me. Nice

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      1. Shuvendu K Singh

        First of all I want to start by saying that I’ve never smoked a joint, but I’ve heard about it.
        And when I read this blog, I was deeply affected by it. I was most disappointed by what I was reading. See, I completely believe in the freedom of smoking, no issues, but we have to understand that we all have a certain responsibility.
        When I read this, I felt it was a very violent blog. Dekhiye violence sirf physical hi nahi hota ki main aapko do juute maaru, violence smoking mai bhi hota hai, violence morning mai bhi hota hai.
        Jab aap subab subah joint maarte ho toh aap violence per-per-rate…perpetuate kar rahe ho. Aur phir aap blog likhkar dikha rahe ho ki dekho main kitna bada charsi hoon.

        Toh mujhe woh cheejein pasand nahi hai…aur joint marne se aapko lagta hai ki main impress ho jaunga toh ab uski meri ummar nahi rahi hai. Woh Shahrukh-kutte wali tweet ke baad maine maarni chor di hai…bla bla.

        1. Farhan

          LOL first of all I can tell from your words that you my friend, you don’t no shit about the sacred Cannabis or Marijuana or whatever you may wanna call it. Now you think a morning joint contributes to violent behaviours? Well i guess it’s the oppisite, in my experience when I get up and use my general dose of Cannabis, I feel peaceful, calm and more creative to go about the day and it all in return gets me into positive mindsets. But the way you said that this is making blogs saying he’s a charsi and all? Lol bro do you watch TV or surf internet? Eat sugar? Caffeine? Banana? Mangoes? Well then you too are an addict I must say lol but see it will not have any point as what you are doing is a harmless activity and so is using cannabis. It has cured my asthma. That’s all I have to say. Intelligent people will continue to use it as a medication and those who abuse it also can be changed, when they’d realise the spiritual and psychedelic aspects of this plant.
          A Medical Student


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