To Those of you who presume I am biased against Telugu cinema

After my last blog on Arjun Reddy, I received a number of mails and complaints from readers.

I was accused of being biased, and harbouring stereotypical ideas about Telugu cinema. That I was some jobless blogger who smoked three joints and went on a rant.

Firstly, I have a day job now, so fuck you! Secondly, I honestly wasn’t trolling or ridiculing Telugu cinema without reason. Most of what I said holds true. Nearly every Telugu film fits into the 5 Song Design Sandbox. Most Telugu films star heroines who can’t speak the language. 95% of Telugu films are exactly how I described them in the blog.

The blog was also accused of being the flippant views of an outsider shitting over the Telugu film industry. Here’s the thing – I am not really an outsider.

I speak Telugu, and have lived in Andhra and Telangana for more than 17 years now. I have grown up watching Telugu films and even Telugu soaps (Antarangaalu…ting-ting-ting-ting, ting-ting-ting-ting!). I am a huge fan of Jandhyala and his movies with Rajendra Prasad and Naresh. My teenage years were spent in listening to songs of Venkatesh movies, and early RGV films from Shiva to Kshana Kshanam. My M.Phil topic was the rise of Telugu diasporic filmmakers who created a new genre of films in Telugu cinema. I have written and performed shows in Hyderabad for years now.

What I’m trying to say is, FUCK YOU!


I was also accused of being a biased outsider who carries the stereotypical bias that most North Indians carry against South cinema. An entire paragraph in a hate mail was dedicated to how ridiculous Hindi cinema is. And I agree wholeheartedly.

Bollywood is the scum of the earth. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I barely review Hindi films anymore because I can’t sit through them. I watch a maximum of two Hindi films a year and immediately spend money on Hyderabad’s best psychiatrists and psychologists. In fact, if there’s one film industry worse than Telugu cinema, it is the incestuous shit-fest that is Bollywood.

So, at the risk of sounding repetitive, FUCK YOU!

It is not a random rant. Why did I write it, then?

Because I genuinely feel most Telugu films that release around the year are shit. In fact, most films that release in India are shit. We are so caught up in our formats of intervals (where fat kids go stuff their fat faces with sandwiches and Coke), or musicals (with playback singers, and actors who couldn’t be bothered to hold a fucking instrument correctly!) that we have been blinded to our own bullshit.

But more than anything else, I wrote the blog because the Telugu film industry has no honest critics to talk of. Read the review of any Telugu film, and you get articles that are as interesting as an Encyclopedia Britannica page on cacti. People who call themselves critics churn out reviews that are as shitty as the films themselves – ‘Film is good. Dances are nice, fights are terrific, actor is good, loka samastha sukhino bhavantu’. Fuck off!

The Telugu film industry deserves film critics. Recently, a film critic Mahesh Kathi (who has worked in cinema, and studied Film Appreciation), was given death threats for criticising a film starring Pavan Kalyan. Are you kidding me? Death threats?? Is this fucking Syria?

So screw you, Pavan Kalyan fan who wrote an angry mail to me. The article wasn’t biased at all, it was honest. Go get an IQ test done, go home, close the door and windows, and jack off to Tammudu at your home, you dumb piece of shit!

Thank you!

Loads of love,


7 thoughts on “To Those of you who presume I am biased against Telugu cinema

  1. saurav

    sai bola ranjan bhai……telugu movie industry is disgusting and very pathetic…..they make god out of their heroes ……make illogical movies……hero,love, beautiful northern actress and a fucked up story with some cool dance moves which are not so cool by any means…….everyone tries to be on a different moral level,full of shit morality……sotry telling and plot is clueless…..if telugus think they are one of the best then why can’t they make movies like gangs of wasseypur,dev d, bareylli ki barfi and many more like this……worst thing about these movies are there action scenes….pure bullshit they defy every logic and laws of physics.

  2. Satya

    Oh yeah, if you know that much about films go make some good films on your own, or else FUCK OFF!
    I can also scribble something by choosing someone who is bad from your family and say 95% of it is correct, if u can’t accept the same FUCK OFF!
    80 years of film industry won’t change in 80 days, it takes an entire generation to bring the change, if you don’t understand that, FUCK OFF!
    U can say whatever the fuck u want to say and can’t accept what readers say, then just FUCK OFF!
    Oh u have a job, oh wow so great u r a super hero man, who cares bro just FUCK OFF!

    1. Hriday Ranjan Post author

      Hahahaha. This is exactly the mentality that ruins Telugu films. I feel bad for your low IQ.

      Firstly, ‘Oh yeah, if you know that much about films go make some good films on your own, or else FUCK OFF!’. Is that a serious comment? So are you telling me that only those who make movies should comment? Have you heard of the terms ‘critiquing’ or ‘curating’, you gigantic turd? If that were the case, no commentators should do commentary when Sachin is batting, because who knows better than him??

      Also, the ‘I have a job’ comment was a reply to the statement ‘jobless blogger’. I wish you controlled your anger and spent your energy on reading! 😀

    2. amritha lawrence

      First of all, are you seriously defending the Telugu film industry? Like I understand that your brain cells function at a very low capacity but to even come forward and defend this industry for all the crap that they produce is a new low. I grew up watching Telugu films and for most part of it, I idolized most of what I saw because it was “great” to look at but when I started realizing the essence and started observing the story line of many of those films I realized one thing, most of them had the same story line, the same Rome-Juliet or over glorifies family values (to such extent that you could see everyone giving individuality a big fuck you) kind of story line that get tiring after a while, most of the female lead were either made to look dumb or plain plastic Barbie, for a while I was like “are they looking for a Actress or a bimbo whose job is to look like a hand candy and make things look more dumb, comedy so bad that you can’t laugh or you won’t find the scene funny unless the comic relief is not beaten to the point of death. Not only does the industry promote this kind of outlook but the story line has so much so sexism, promotes stereotype, misogyny and misandry that it reflected on day to day life of people too. Our film industry is glorifies the actor and makes the movie work solely on their popularity, because even the directors (People have tried to give you good stories) understand that good story will not bring people over. Our film industry is a huge joke because it does not concentrate on films as something artistic and something worth watching, it makes stupid movies with the same love/family importance story line that has either been made before or plainly copy stuff from the Tamil or some other film industry( creativity just got a buried long ago). By saying this I do not mean that we don’t have good movies, in the last few years, some movies made by small time production houses have stuck to my good movies list and surprisingly, most of these movies are either sitting in dust right now or are over shadowed by ridiculously stupid movies


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