Kiss of Love and Fist of Fury

The kissing event in Kerala was much needed.

And as always, there were morons who called it against ‘Indian culture’.

Nothing pisses me off as much as listening to the words ‘Indian culture’, freely thrown around by these idiots who wave flags and shout slogans. Most of these guys haven’t read much, their idea of Indian culture coming from an India of Ramayan and Mahabharat. What they are fighting for, is not really Indian culture, but assumed ideas of chastity for women.

And it is tragic that the government in power at the Centre, the so called wave of change that supposedly swept the nation a few months ago, has nothing to say about it. In fact, the BJP’s student and youth wings – the ABVP and BJYM – are frontrunners in this trade.

The criticism against anything that is new – be it in the realm of art, fashion, cinema or culture – is labelled against Indian values. What really are Indian values? We live in a country where cultures, languages, customs change every few hundred kilometres. What values are they really protecting?

And I can bet my monthly scholarship on the fact that none of these guys have actually read anything pertaining to Indian culture, history, or philosophy. For if they did, they’d know that while Indian society had its problems, we certainly weren’t prude about clothing and actions. Till the British came in and enforced their ideas of civility and decency on us. Seventy years after the British left, these dickheads are still hanging on to colonial ideas of civility and decency, shamelessly passing them off as Indian values. If only I had a dollar for every time I had a strong urge to smack such idiots across their dumb faces!

And then, there’s also the fact that most of the people who give out such opinions are from an earlier generation. Politicians, religious heads, these are all people in the 60s (and above). If we truly are a nation with largest youth population in the world, as our Prime Minister announces to every country he visits, with considerable pride, why are our lives still determined by rules drawn by geriatric idiots?

How on earth are we going to be a global superpower if we cannot even wear, watch, and do what we think is right? It’s not like there are people having threesomes on railway platforms. Why then, is there such fear?

In most parts of the country, one cannot hold one’s partner’s hand, or put their arms around their shoulder. If an elderly person sees you, or a cop (God forbid!), they will give you a dressing down on how shameless you are. I was once walking with a girl, when a woman called her ‘characterless’ for holding my hand. Me being the guy, was called ‘Useless’ (or something generic like that), but the girl was addressed in terms that stopped short of a prostitute. Why? For holding hands while walking.

And this fear, this absolute unwillingness to accept that people and traditions constantly change, is enforced by these two groups – ABVP and Bajrang Dal. ABVP is the student wing of BJP, and Bajrang Dal is a special group for people with an IQ of 37 and below.

And this is where my above argument of the youth deciding for themselves, falls flat. These people are all youth (some distinctly less youthful than others), ranging in the age of 20 – 35. Why do they parrot the words of some foolish old minister? Why do they beat up people, smash property, and blacken faces of couples on TV?

Because none of these guys have girlfriends. Think about it.

Think of all the people you know, who support Hindu groups, or are members of ABVP and Bajrang Dal – they are all single males. What they are really against is the fact that other guys can do it, and they can’t.

For, think about it, if you have a girlfriend, would she let you beat up other couples? If you were in a relationship, would you spend Valentine’s Day breaking chairs and tables, screaming ‘Jai Sri Ram’? No way in paataal loka!

bajrang dal

In a way, I feel their pain. Imagine watching your friends hang out with beautiful girls, walking hand in hand to movies, clubs, and libraries. While you have wait for your family members to fall asleep, then switch on Zee Cinema, mute the volume, and jack off. Every single night. It can be very frustrating!

And that is why these morons line up, all of them single, their right hands distinctly thicker than their left, ready to fight for Indian culture.


If you are a Bajrang Dal supporter, or know an idiot who goes around yelling, give him this bit of advice.

Get into a relationship. It might seem Herculean, but remember that even Govinda managed to woo Rani Mukherjee at some point. Do not lose hope. Ask a girl out politely, and get into a relationship.

It’s beautiful. Straight out of my mind, here are a few advantages I could state:

a. You will have something to do on weekends.

b. You get to make out, which is a gazillion times better than masturbating in your bed.

c. You will learn to actually understand women. You will learn that they are not all the same. How can you protect a woman’s modesty if you have never known one closely?

4. Long shot here, but you IQ might just increase.

Just a little bit.

31 thoughts on “Kiss of Love and Fist of Fury

  1. Arhan Deshmukh

    I bet the eunuch who has written this bullshit post, and all his pet whores commenting for him, wouldn’t have the guts too speak in front of Indians(emm…i mean…Bajrang Dal, ABVP, etc) . Also to dream that India will “progress” only if people get the right to go around naked or semi-naked and start kissing each other’s buttocks, is as absurd as the thought that people who defend their culture have low IQ. And mr. eunuch blogger whom do you expect us to believe having high IQ? You, a person who would spent 78.65% in watching porn and enjoy your own mom’s face get a cum shot by a “free-thinking Humanist”??? And I don’t know which shithead told you that we Hindutva-vadis promote rape, or any kind of discrimination against women? I myself belong to a Sangh Parivar affiliate here where we go village to village spreading the message against caste-system and discrimination against women(such as we are against women compulsorily wearing a purdah or pallu or whatever). We promote Goddess-worship and kanya-puja, not to reach “swarg-lok”(only if you knew the meaning of the word), but for respect towards women and humility. To go further we also ask men to touch the foot of their wives if they really wan’t their foots to get touched. We don’t expect men to go around with oiled moustaches, turbans and dhoti(come on! you believe me, right?), nor do we expect anyone from not wearing any western clothes. Its alright. But shouldn’t there be a limit to your own self? We don’t enforce anyone to believe either in Ramayana or Mahabharat or any Hindu scripture as for that. When twarts like you, who think we don’t have girlfriends or “have failed to get one” really makes me feel sometimes that, perhaps, even we as true Indians by blood and culture should get a right like AFSPA or something against cunts like you, who start pissing from their asses on hearing the name of Hindutva. That’d be much better perhaps.
    And as an ending note I’d like to do a favour on you by telling that I don’t believe in God, i.e. I follow tenets of Samkhya for my spiritual fulfillment PERSONALLY and I am not an exception here(check out what VD Savarkar and Nathuram Godse’s beliefs were).

    1. heartranjan Post author

      Going by your language, you need to attend school first. I hope your sangh parivaar teaches you how to write a paragraph properly. On 12 Mar 2015 16:22, “Heartranjan's Blog” wrote:


    2. praj1618

      @arhan Deshmuk
      U say u respect women and promote goddess worship but in same breath you talk about girls being whores..
      And how can a man even talk about someone else’s mother like that???
      These are not words of someone who respects women..
      And I don’t think vd sawarkars beliefs were this downtrodden..
      Learn to respect women and seriously get a girlfriend… She might not change how you percive society. At least she’ll cleanse your language..
      Good luck..

  2. carelessfreemore

    Heart bhaina,
    “Because none of these guys have girlfriends. Think about it.”
    Is oversimplification.
    It is grey and not that black and white.
    Most of the guys are degree (BSc, BA) educated (or students) knowing deep within that they can’t really make a living out of their education. And they want to go the political route. This is best way to get noticed by leaders and come under their mentorship. And there is factor of money too.

    But whatever it is, it is not just because they have girlfriends.

    Infact this is how a person wanting a career in politics starts
    1. Join a Univ known as political hotbed for political parties.
    2. Participate in things like this and more hoping to become right hand of some political biggie.
    3. Keep failing in subjects because you don’t want to get thrown out of Hostel.

    And believe me, the sucess rates in this career is very very low.


  3. Gaurav Joshi (@GauravJ_09)

    Sorry to say but this wasn’t your best post. Forget best, this was far from good. I have been actively following your blog and I have infact commented on quite a few posts.

    What really got me off was the style with which you presented this subject. I completely and thoroughly support the kissing event in Kerala. Wasn’t that a progressive step? So instead of focussing campaign your post was about the moronic Bajrang Dal. Now I have read almost all your posts, right from 2008 to 2014. For a regular reader, this post had nothing new.

    It felt very repetitive and there wasn’t any quirky subtle humor here. Instead this was plain ranting. Nothing wrong with that, but I believe you are far more capable than that. What’s the point in ranting repeatedly about how dickhead this group is when everyone already knows that it’s a dickhead?

    Your 10 book challenge was far more gripping, than this post (Given the fact that it was twice as big as this but didn’t bore me.)

    Hope you understand!

    1. heartranjan Post author

      Hahaha. I get your point.

      Yes, it was a rant, and nothing more. But I thought such rants are needed. I was quite frustrated, and wanted to write a hard-hitting post. Of course, I could have made it funnier. But…

      Thanks for the comment, Gaurav.

      Have a wonderful day ahead.

      On 11 November 2014 19:01, Heartranjan's Blog wrote:


  4. Sreenath Somarajapuram

    What a biased article… I can totally understand the writer’s intentions when he try to polarize based on religions.
    Why name hindus when people from multiple religion were there against the show-off. To put it in figures, it was 5000 against 50.

    Basically the writer want to portray that Hindu groups are against people’s freedom.

    PS : No one cares what you do in your private space, but in a social space better abide by the rules of the society.

  5. Vineel Yalamarthy

    hey @heartranjan., great writing and cartoons but small correction. “You get to do some thing on weekend”. I don’t agree with this. In order to get to do some thing on weekend , I don’ think one needs to be in a relation.
    PS: I’m not for/against against either groups.

  6. Shilpi Ganguly

    You deserve a standing ovation for this! Needless to say I agree with every word.

    And the trolling will keep happening from the very people being talked about in the blog, who are of course completely unaware that they are only reinforcing what you said.

  7. Meera Nair

    I agree with every word you have written here. I would like to throw the slippery slope fallacy back at all those who throw it against this protest. Today we cannot hold hands or kiss in public. Tomorrow we might be asked to not look at each other. Soon women might have to wear purdah and take a separate lane to walk on the road. Soon after. fathers might have to carry paternity cards and brothers sibling id card while waking on the road with daughters or sisters!
    Rape, abuse, beat up, eve tease, harass, commit foeticide, enslave women, deny them identity, ask for and give dowry, kill for honour…all this comes within the purview of the ‘great Indian culture’.
    Anyone and by that I mean ANY ONE has the right to protest peacefully using any means they wish to. It is a constitutional right, a fundamental one.
    India is going back to the dump from which it was once rescued by committed efforts and sacrifices of many. Shame on the advocates of the great Indian culture.
    It is only small crusades like the Kiss of love and the power of the written word that people like Hriday here propagate that we can at least hope that things will some day get better.
    Keep up the good work sir. I salute your fearlessness and candid, honest and open style of writing.

  8. moneyish

    Brilliant. Fearless and to the point. As Always. Keep Rocking Ranjan. (y)

    PS : India’s youth is a lost cause. Try and follow anything the teenagers do these days, the things they are concerned with.. You’d feel a certain degree of respect for this dickheads of so called Hindu Right.

  9. srinivasdontham

    It seems that the author is not at all aware of the Indian culture, ethics and values. According to him, we Indians are following the values what the British taught us. It is the western culture that you people are trying to adopt. You may like it initially but ultimately it will lead to chaos. To come out of this, the westerners are imbibing Indian values.

    Yes there is always criticism regarding cinema, fashion etc. but that is only when the limits are crossed and tend to behave like mere skinshows.

    I really do not understand what purpose this kiss of love serves. Tomorrow people may come out on streets and protest saying sex of love and bring back the days of adam and eve so that they can roam around naked calling it need of youth.

    1. heartranjan Post author

      Here comes a troll!!!

      The protest, since you chose to not use your brain even a little bit, was against moral policing. It was an act of protest, they weren’t fighting to kiss on the roads everyday. A protest is generally an act of defiance that is done after much subjugation, as a fightback.

      When Bhagat Singh burst the bombs in the Parliament, he wasn’t doing it because he wanted to celebrate Diwali with foreigners, it was an act of defiance. Namely, a protest.

      Learn to observe, then understand. Aa gaya chutiya culture ko bachane!! On 4 Nov 2014 10:23, “Heartranjan's Blog” wrote:


      1. srinivasdontham

        Here I meet the most DUMBEST guy who has no rational thinking and cannot use proper language while replying. Everyone is aware that they were protesting against moral policing, my point was that they were making India a laughing stock for an outsider. There are other methods they could have adopted for a protest.

        How could you compare Bhagat Singh’s act with this meaningless protest ? Those patriots wanted to see India freed from foreign rule. But these fools are not yet satisfied with the freedom that we have now.

        In your blog you were enthusiastic to blame Hindu outfits but do you know that Islamists too opposed this act ? You morons have no guts to say anything against them. Learn to understand and then reply.

        1. heartranjan Post author

          I don’t know who you mean by “these morons”. I have been vocal against Islam all through. I’m anti religious. Anyway, I don’t think I want to get into the details of the argument again. I’m sure both of us have decided our stances and refuse to budge from it. If my language offended you, I’m sorry. Have a wonderful day ahead! 🙂

          1. Nisheeth Pandey

            @srinivasdontham : Sirji, I hope you have a girlfriend or get into a relationship soon. If not, I guess its because you think its against Indian culture to be in a relationship with a girl or kiss her out of wedlock or even after the wedding, who knows.

            The real question here is not if these are religious outfits, nobody gives two fucks (Western gaali) about whether its Hindus or Muslims protesting against PDA or any intimacy in pubic, its when there are more pressing issues plaguing Indian public spaces, like free urine dispensers that our male population is, or acts of sexual harassment, or acts of violence in broad daylight, i think two people kissing by a street should be the last of our worries.

            Once we get our house in order, lets sit down with some Whiskey(Western drink) and debate about how two people holding hands or kissing in public is against the Indian moral code wherein I might also tell you that a sizeable part of the Indian population is Christian and the couple kissing at their wedding in front of an audience is a normal practice among them. Then I might get into an argument and get violent (totally Indian) with you for speaking up against our Christian brothers and going against Indian culture.

            At that moment, I will be as Indian as it gets.

        2. dialecticdisco

          >they were making India a laughing stock for an outsider.
          You mean to say we are not a laughing stock when foreigners realise that kissing a person you love in public is akin to having unprotected public sex to most Indians??

          > But these fools are not yet satisfied with the freedom that we have now.

          Aap chutiye he. Live in your imagined Indian culture and glory. Let people with a brain do the thinking and protesting with an aim to actually improve India..

    2. Amal Ashok

      Until ww1 when there was a shortage for human resources…… women doesn”t enjoyed much freedom in britain(western world) only after the world wars women was let outside their homes, & work outside, during the world wars as men were forced to take compulsory military services there was a lack of human resources in the industries ( frm 10th cbse textbook)……… so, I doubt the chances of public kissing in Europe before that, even women writers were considered as a threat to society by aristrocrats of Europe…. we knw that britain did its best to destroy Indian Culture…. for the same reason I find it interesting that during 1860 Queen Victoria passed a law banning kissing in Public in India………… as most of u r thinking man didn’t started kissing from the tym he was born & for that I doubt kissing being part of sex, many of the ancient civillizations don’t seem to have kissing at their begining, the earliest known record of couples kissing comes from ancient Indian architecture,monuments & Kamasutra for the same reason historians & researchers believe kisssing orginated in ancient India & later spread to all over world through traders merchants & travellers……… but lips were used by females to attract males by using red colours……. but unlike other sexual organs lips don’t have that much nerve endings to act as one…….. & its still a mystery to science y people kiss…. if to be sincere there r about 20 types of kisses or more!!!!!!

  10. vishalbheeroo

    haha! Those fucktards don’t even have a brain in the first place or in the right place. A tale of despo who are ignorant of their own culture. Makes me wonder since when kissing is against so-called moral values or Un-Indian.

  11. Nidaa Mohamed

    A positive and a much-needed movement. Police too played their parts nicely by beating up/arresting the peaceful protesters and then claiming that it was difficult to tell who were causing problems and who were protesting peacefully.

  12. Meera

    Completely agree with you!!! We tolerate men harassing women in public spaces and also keep silent when we see incidents of domestic violence. But the moment we see a couple express love for each other our moral antlers rise up!!! I think it is nothing but plain envy!!


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