IRONMAN – ***/*****

From Marvel Comics,comes another superhero movie.This one doesnot have the hero flying around in the colours of the US national flag.He doesnot lead a life and doesnot have a journalist girlfriend.Ironman is the story of Tony Stark,who is a billionaire owner of a weapons company.On a trip to Afghanistan,he gets kidnapped by a group of militants who ask him to create a nuclear weapon for them.Tony creates an indestructible suit,kills all the baddies and returns safely.On his return,he decides to shut down his company and work on his dream project,something more than creating weapons being used to kill millions of have to watch the movie to find out what happens next.Ironman,though a Superhero movie,is not treated in that manner.The style of story telling is like any other movie and director Jon Favreau (the guy who made a guest appearance in friends as the billionaire software guy who taked Monica to Italy so she can have a pizza !!! ) keeps it believable and not larger than life like in other superhero movies.The story is accentuated beautifully by the performance of that fabulous actor called Robert Downey Jr.Those who havent watched any of his movies should watch Chaplin and Less than zero.Gwyneth Paltrow plays his secretary in a slightly cliched role.Downey Jr is tremendous,though.The graphics are upto any major Hollywood production with a lot of metal-on-metal action.Ironman will not go on to become a stupendous success like his other counterparts flying around in coloured underwears,because it is more grounded ,because it is more grounded in reality.But if you are tired of all the glorified superheroes boring you with endless talk of power ,responsibility and courage,you may just like this guy.Watch it when you are free,its not disappointing.

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