11 thoughts on “How to Sing Like SP Balasubramanyam

  1. drskk

    you are cute
    an ardent fan. mostly of your political views, not so much of your pursuits of marijuana though, ahhh the bong shots thats makes every thing go slow and so very clear…. ohhh… coming back from the annals of wonderful history, nice catch there with shastri’s bullet. truly remarkable power of observation and ingenious application. Simply remarkable. Would be pleased to know more. about your writing and you.

  2. bladenomics

    Oh come on, he’s awesome. He’s hope to those who want to sing well without being theoretically sound in music.

  3. steve shagalot

    dude! post more often… i started to read ur stuff for the second time… i know ideas come only once in a day,if u know what i mean;) but…
    good blog btw

  4. Nikhil

    The best part was – you have just wasted 2 mins of your life 🙂 Man your blogs are just superb 🙂 I spent close to 3 hours today reading all of your blogs 🙂

    1. heartranjan Post author

      If you listen carefully, I said that he’s a legend and a great singer. He’s one of my favourite singers too.

      The video was targeted at people with a sense of humour…


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