PK controversial Shiva scene

How the Right Wing is inadvertently converting Hinduism to Islam

I was watching PK on television in a hotel today.

Watching a film for the second time is a wonderful experience. You notice things you didn’t in the first place, read subtexts, and can revel in the experience of the film without the pressure of analysing it as a newly released film. (Read my review here).

But the one thing that saddened me about the film was all the controversy that the film created for insulting Hindu Gods.

It is an argument that was whipped up with great frenzy across social media. In many ways, it was the beginning of the nation’s hatred against Aamir Khan. Before PK, Aamir Khan was ambassador for Indian hospitality, tourism, culture, and behaviour.

From a person who tearfully informed the nation about its shortcomings, public perception of him transformed into a monster who uses Hindu gods and themes to make his point. Which is an absurd point to make because PK was essentially a humour film. Just a few years ago, Akshay Kumar starred in a film which brutally questioned idol worship and Baba cults. The film was well received, people raved about it, no questions were raised about Akshay Kumar’s loyalties.

Was Aamir Khan targeted because he is Muslim? I suspect, yes.

But this is India, and Aamir Khan just needs another film and the entire nation will laugh and cry with him.


But what irked me more was why the film should run into controversy.

The infamous scene of Shiva running about to save himself from a mad stalker (PK) was what got the nation infuriated. But what is so offensive about the scene?

India in general and Hinduism in particular has a long history of debate, discussion and provoking of the gods. There are countless stories where rishis curse gods, rebuke and ridicule them. In my opinion, it is beautiful that Hinduism allows us the freedom to worship gods, and live with them. We have idols of gods in our houses, images on note books, calendars on walls. Travel to villages, and you’ll find plays and folk-songs where performers mimic and use gods in their songs. Some of the songs target gods, make fun of their habits, their appearance, their vaahans – what is the big fucking deal?

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron is still considered a cult masterpiece today, and its most famous scene is the one where a botched up Draupadi Vastraharan results in absolute chaos.

Can you imagine such a scene being shot today, without morons taking to their Facebook walls and crying about ‘sentiments being hurt’?

Or, check out this scene from RK Narayan’s legendary Malgudi Days, where a Christian teacher tries talking to the class about how they must all follow Christ, and not ‘bekaar Hindu bhagwaan’. (Watch from 2.03)

Can you imagine a scene like this on national television today?

Highly improbable. Sadly, as time passes and one expects a nation to march forward towards a society that is open to questioning beliefs, we have degenerated into a nation that loses its cool at the drop of a hat.

The saddest part of it all is that the Hindu Rightwing claims to be working for Hinduism. In their speeches and Facebook posts, they criticise and rebuke Islam and its regressive practices. However, without noticing the classic irony staring back at them, they are converting Hinduism – a multicultural way of living – into what they consider their biggest enemy – Islam.

Look at each and every argument that has been made in the last few years, and you’ll assume you’re talking about mullahs in Iran rather than a secular democratic country. They have a problem with a stupid Deepika Padukone video where she says it’s her choice who she wants to sleep with.

They have a problem with the representation of God in daily life, exactly what you’d expect a regressive, conservative Muslim to believe.

They have a problem with young women wearing modern clothes, visiting pubs, or walking in parks holding their boyfriend’s hand. I’m sorry but these are classic signs of a regressive Islamic cult, and not of Hinduism.

And slowly, I am afraid we are slipping into the skin of a nation that cries at the drop of a hat.

The Rightwing is slowly transforming into their biggest fears – Islam and Pakistan – a nation that has no tolerance for an opinion that isn’t part of the mainstream.


What is wrong with a person dressed as Shiva running around, if it is written as a gag in a film? If you believe in Lord Shiva, you should know that he is the lord of the universe. You seriously think that he would take offence to a film by Rajkumar Hirani? He doesn’t care, it’s idiots like us who get pissed off. Shiva is probably smiling right now, wondering when he should open his eyes and do the Taandav and destroy this dumb fucking race that he created.

Are we a nation with the IQ of drunk mules, that we cannot take an image in its context? And when does this end?

Do we also adopt a censorship on the use of god’s name and image? Will we also reach a day when some Hindus enter a building and shoot journalists for a harmless cartoon? Sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it? That only happens in Islam, right?

But where did it all begin? It began exactly like this. With a bunch of dudes who decided to decide for everybody else what is offensive. With protests, and effigies burnt, and slogans, and people with no real work in life protesting on the roads.

That’s how it all begins.  Always.

18 thoughts on “How the Right Wing is inadvertently converting Hinduism to Islam

  1. Gaurav

    You stole my words! You’re such an incredibly brave writer. It takes balls of steel to say what you believe in when it is against the mainstream. I just hope people like you don’t get bashed for being honest.

    Coming to PK, I had read Baradwaj Rangan’s excellent article about the controversy. He had compared PK with that one scene from 3 idiots where Madhavan (‘Farhan Qureshi’) mocks students who worship during results period. Nobody gave a shit about that scene, but when they made an entire movie about God and hypocrisies of religion, people went nuts. It’s just that most people can’t digest the truth & PK hit them where it hurts.

    Ironically, your post goes in line with PK. A brutally honest opinion, I hope they don’t send you to Pakistan ??

    1. Hriday Ranjan Post author

      Thank you, I hope they don’t send me to Pakistan too. I’ve heard it sucks out there.

  2. kumar

    hi hriday…its a nice writeup…My main concern is its not the uneducated but educated people with impressive degrees making irresponsible and stupid statements….I know few people personally who are quite good in their respective professions but ignorant and opinionated about things related to religion…I hope people who have adamant views on hinduism and other things will make an effort to gain substantial knowledge on the subject…

  3. shreya

    hi hriday…its a nice writeup…My main concern is its not the uneducated but educated people with impressive degrees making irresponsible and stupid statements….I know few people personally who are quite good in their respective professions but ignorant and opinionated about things related to religion…I hope people who have adamant views on hinduism and other things will make an effort to gain substantial knowledge on the subject…

  4. itzme12

    on the flip side PK is highest grossed Indian Film so far which implies majority of people not seriously taking so called right wing ideology, there are idiots in every religion who get offended for everything, only the number and degree varies. I think these incidents spread in scale when political gain attached. Nowadays whatever we hear whatever we see on media presented in polarized manner which is capable of disturbing and disappointing you every second. In this digital era we are drowning in information and starving for wisdom.

  5. Yamini Moorthy

    That’s so true. We are witnessing different faces of intolerance at a rise in our country and it is pathetic that all we can do is to just watch it happening. Sometimes i feel like this kind of attitude change will only limit us from the heights that we are of reaching.

  6. Shreenath

    Great write man…there are some foolish smuts who will demolish the very purpose of religion. Keep writing bro till we get this out of those brains!

  7. Sachin

    That’s a brilliant observation!! this whole thing doesn’t seem to die down and is ever increasing.. one incident after another!! I wonder were we always like this, if not what has changed? And, including me, I know we will just be spectators of what’s happening around, till the day it affects us individually. #sadstateofaffair

  8. Ranjan is a bloody moron

    You moron, you don’t have any balls and want people to make fun of your God. Someday people will make fun of your father, mother, and wife.

    But that’s okay, you don’t have any balls.

    1. Hriday Ranjan Post author

      Wow. 12 years of education resulted in an idiotic, warped brain like yours. What a tragedy. Should have learnt carpentry instead, Bro.

    2. Akhil

      You created an offensive user ID just to insult a writer’s work. You just proved the writer right again. But pea-brained people like you always end up doing like that. Your god is laughing at your stupidity right now and is going to fry your moronic brain on a tawa in hell.

    3. God-fearing Gayathri

      Listen up, testicle inspector. You created a fake account and then accused the writer of not having balls. It’s pretty clear who’s the coward here. Really wanna dance? Look me up on Twitter. You won’t regret it.

  9. Travellingwings

    You know Heartranjan, I have felt this noose of religious vigour tightening around our throat when the so called gatekeepers of Hinduism do behave exactly like the Muslim fanatics. It’s gradually turning into a match of who can be religiously more mean.Sharing the link on my FB.

    1. Hriday Ranjan Post author

      I know, right?

      My only hope is on the Indian voter. If our history is anything to go by, we don’t allow anybody to settle down at the Centre for too long.


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