8th August
Hi !

I wanted to tell you this since long. Everything I say to you may not be right. Most of it is what I have gathered from the time I have known you.

You’re not the most popular one. So what ? Others with lesser potential are better than you. But that shouldn’t bog you down. You are destined for great things. That’s because you have the one sure shot ingredient for success – Potential.

You are young And romantic. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You are emotional about people you love and sometimes err.But you have the cushion of the future to learn from. You sometimes get agitated quickly, but that’s alright. At heart, you are loving and tolerant. Sometimes a little too tolerant, so that others take advantage of you. But nevertheless, don;t change. There are others who are taken advantage of because they are arrogant or stupid, You are still better off.

You are emotional. About your people, your loved ones. About their likes, dislikes, choice and tastes. You have had an illustrous past before you. But your future is yours. I am confident it will be enviable.

Look around you. People are changing. Times are changing. Some for the better. Some otherwise. You need to change too.

But which way should you go? Your family ? Friends? Culture? Your aims ? Aspirations? You are confused. You have many options in front of you and sometimes get depressed because you don’t know whats right for you.What about status? Recognition? Your friends achieving more than you.

But remember that the world is vast.Your understanding of the world is the people you know.Your people.Your every step should keep them in mind as they are the ones that matter to you.
Equip yourself with knowledge.Success will come.I can see it.In the way you talk.Your enthusiasm and your behaviour.
There are times when I may have been cross with you.Times when I have complained.I shouldn’t have done that and instead contributed in any small way that was possible.There were times when I laughed with you and others when I laughed at you.
I have never told you this.But I am proud of you.I couldn’t have asked for anything more.You are perfect for me and I count my blessings everyday for having you.
Your birthday falls this Friday.I know most will say that your birthdays are superficial.
But I want this day to be different.I want you to realise your potential and know that I’ll always be there for you.
You turn 60 this year.It doesn’t feel that way.From what I know of you,you have been one,cool, dude.

3 thoughts on “Hi

      1. Shweta

        read it again and does make a lot of sense. I think a lot of people can actually relate to it. but now when I read it as being addressed to the country, i like it even more.

        P.S. after i posted this comment I read the ‘Ram’ article and realized your birthday is not in April. dumb of me. haha 😀


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