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Chinese Lizards and Oriya People

Dear Reader,

Let me admit I am not a huge fan of cross-platform promotion.

I get irritated when Shah Rukh Khan uses IPL to promote his latest films. I hate it when Salman Khan goes to jail in a baniaan and then comes out and promotes Dixcy Scott.

If I were you, I’d probably get pissed off about subscribing to a blog, and having videos coming to my inbox when I didn’t ask for them. I know that if my Guru, Sri Sri Jackie Baba got a whiff of what I’m doing here, I’d incur his wrath. I understand.

But is paapi pet ke liye yeh sab karna padta hai. Kya karein?


So, without much ado, here’s a video of my performance at District N, Hyderabad. It’s a bar where rich people go to drink and splurge, and poor people like me try to amuse them by doing cute stuff. Like Stand Up comedy.

If you like the video, kindly do subscribe (Remember, it’s because of Sinner Stomach that I’m doing all this). If you don’t like the video, please add a comment below and inform me that you will have none of this nonsense anymore. I’ll consider it.

And upload another video next Tuesday.

Ok, brothers and sisters. Time to go now. I’ll just leave this here.

Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Chinese Lizards and Oriya People

  1. Kay

    Try working on your body language and your pauses. Your timing is a bit off and you move too much. The audience can sense your nervousness and it makes them uncomfortable (or so it looks like).

  2. Pooja

    I have religiously read and enjoyed laughing on all the written stuff. No doubt that you have a knack with words. But somehow,stand up comedy din’t quite generate much smiles from me. as compared to the rolls of laughter on your posts.
    But yeah, keep practicing!

  3. Barkha

    Awesome stuff. You are getting better. Please try to upload your videos on Mondays so that Mondays could be little less pathetic.
    BTW you are looking fairer.:p


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