MNK suggested that we go 2 PS.but i was like “pack off”(LINGO).cozwe’d gone 2 senior hostel and the sirs there cud barely remember us.and then thr wer rumours tht Muni Unty had been reading all our posts in orkut and wasnt happy about them.but finally we met S.Vijaylaxmi mam after bhajans and she asked us to come to then we decided to go…PS also hasnt changed.there was that sevadal room and there was a notice pasted on it.”NO PARENTS MEET TILL JANUARY 11TH,SPORTS DAY” in seema mam’s neat handwriting.and that muslim postman with a long beard still gives the letters to PS.(sorry abt all the intricate details,guys.but i seriously luv the place).then we went to the school.the Krishna statue has been painted and the honeycombs have been taken off.he’s lookin as chubby as ever.the pond with the 3 nude angels covering their unowot with pots is still there but thrs no watre in it anymore.u can only find brrom in it.and remember the 3 steps tht wer thr frm the lobby?now its a slope instead.and guess who shud we meet 1st on entering the school but bull amma(wearing the same old dark maroon saree).strangely,she doesnt look that intimidating fact,she looked pretty kind…..till a 1st std. guy came in front of her and u cud see a transformation,”Yaaaeee,go bite ra,donga sanyasi blah blah blah…”.all the memories came flooding back.standing here and being checked for toffees after parents meet,crying after our parents readmitted us aftr holidays and whn friends teased us,saying “sumthng fell in my eyes,yaar”.every1 of us was dumbstruck,we culdnt say a word.(except tht idiot KSS,of course,who was busy ogling at sum1).slowly,we entered the school…..

as soon as we entered,we saw warden aunty sitting on the chairs in the lobby.she’s not active as before,but get on her wrong side and she can still pack a punch.(I know,i was there!).we asked her if she still served chapathies(YUP!!!she does.later on Prasunna mam told us that she used to keep aside the larger chapathies for d 7th std. guys).The lobby’s also the the left,u have the 4 houses & to the rite u have the photos of a couple along with the sign “SARDA CRAXI BLOCK”.children are playing around in the lobby.some1 complains to manorathi mam,”mam he;s pinching me,mam…..”.we are asked to go to the dining hall.NOW….how many memories attached to this place.unlike the senior hostel where d dining hall tripled up as prayer hall and video show hall and XII std. guys’ bedroom,the gud part abt the PS dining hall is that its meant xclusively for hogging.the quoatations that Aarti aunty had painted are still there.the pest-o-flash above the food counter,the brown colour plastic glasses,the plates,the mats that we stuffed chapathies under,the division between “brothers side and sisters side” where the buckets of rasam and the kettles of milk r kept,the “pantries” as we called them.HM aunty was sittin on the platform for teachers’ food.its strange,but even now i kinda get scared…coz all thru my school life,i had only gone to aunty when there wer sum cases.but this time she was all smiles.”Sai Ram bache”.now if i had to xplain what we felt at that time,i have to post at least sum 20posts.coz,these people are amazing.(even though we guys keep on cribbin abt various aspects of d school,visit it again,n u’ll see small things like buffalo’s milk after mornin darshan dont matter at all).she rememberd everybody!!!!by their name,place,gender(obviously)and soon as she saw us,she started off,”U r mukesh,u r dinesh,naveen,then she pointed at me……oriya rowdy.BINGO!!!.

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