Back to school part- 2

after that,HM aunty asked us to have lunch in the school itself.(KSS is like,”SHR,if we’d cum yesterday itself,we cud have had breakfast,tiffin,lunch,everything here itself).we asked aunty if we cud visit d classes.she said “okay,but dont go to the girls classes”.u cud see the disappointment on the guys’ faces.we went to see the dorms before having lunch as it was still 11 AM.firstly,we went to the primary wing.the corridor still has the same smell…the hoardings that were there(theres this one of a woman.sum1 says “she’s my mom.she’s my daughter,she’s my wife….”).the classes are still named “amartya,Agyana,Aruna” sumthng,i dnt remember).sheshukumari mam is now the class teacher of I-A.prema sister(mam,whats the time?”Time is God”) of II-A.guess which is the best class?…Seema mam’s of course.we went to her class and it was like disneyland.on the board was written,”Keep ur clothes(sports clothes)neatly on the desk”.her handwriting is like calligraphy.we took snaps with mam and after that went to see the other classes.all of them were pretty much the same.there was this class(IV-A),as soon as we entered,the guys stood up and said “sai Ram brother…”and one guy was ready to give a speech.we shud have known….their class teacher was Anantalaxmi mam.

after that,we go to the dorms,they are all pretty much the same.they’ve got cots these days in all the dorms,so they cant play cricket,towel-hockey and other crazy games.tulsi amma is still there.she remembers no one,but she always seemed extra-terrestrial to me anyway.In the 3rd-4th dorm(bull amma’s kingdom),banians are hanging on the strings and underwears on the windows.The bathrooms are now tiled.The dhobi box is full of dirty clothes.the dorms seem conjusted somehow.the prayer hall with the pics of Swami is the same.the tortoise or wotever is still there.there are around 7-8 idols of Ganesha on the “brothers” side.The harmonium still works but the tabla is a different story altogether.After that we go the dining hall for lunch.the menu is paneer curry,chapathi,curd,rasam and that red mango pickle.we chant bramharpanam…(dinesh doesnt know the lines and is fumbling,mukesh is re-writing the upanishads with his own version).after that we start hogging lik wild aunty is ready to serve us how many ever helpings of paneer curry.but as we’d earlier agreed,all of us took our chapathies,dipped it in rasam(the top part),and ate it.

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  1. chikleetcool

    hey bro , u forgot to mention dat warden aunty is still reading dat book…….or i think u dint observe properly…


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