Why is the blog called heartranjan? Don’t you know its tacky?

I do know it is tacky. But the name has a history attached to it.

‘heartranjan’ was my first email id. It was acquired after many struggles. Sneaking out of the campus, bunking prayer sessions, and logging into the world wide web, and getting whacked for it by the teacher and having to clean the toilets of the entire hostel.

There’s blood, sweat and tears that’s gone into the name, and it is a sort of tribute to that act of rebellion. And then, compared to the other options like dilse_justyours and heartranjanbeats4u, this one seems pretty ok.


What’s in the blog?

Random stuff. Reviews of movies, cricket matches, advertisements, political leaders and spiritual gurus. Advice ranging from why you should have a moustache, to why you should not trust the government. Some stories, some incidents, and in those moments when I am bedridden with creative menopause, lots of crappy stuff.

But more than just reading what I have written, please take a few minutes to comment on the blog. It cannot be that everyone agrees with what I say. That would make me Arnab Goswami. I am sure there will be differences, and debates. So feel free to comment on the posts. The real fun is in discussing things.


What is the thin line between bullshit and cowdung?

Initially, it was just a smart alecky line that I put up on my facebook. But then, I realised that there is more to it than just the wordplay. Take the two things – bullshit and cowdung.

In India, gobar is considered sacred. I mean, there is not much difference between BS and CD. The raw materials are the same, the process is the same, the finished product is the same. Yet, the one that comes out of go-mata is sacred, and what comes from saandh-pita is, well, bullshit.

This is true of everything around us. What matters to me, might seem rubbish to the other person. And in negotiating with those differences, we can attain inner harmony, and successfully pass a boring Wednesday at work!

44 thoughts on “FU-Q

  1. sskrao

    Hey dude, my brother in law studied in the same school as you and when he first mentioned your blog to me i could not believe that someone from a school like that could ever be THIS open minded and fuck-tastically funny. I guess you proved me wrong and I thank you for that. The very first article that my brother in law read to me was the ‘Curious case of Uday Chopra’ and when i read it myself I honestly could not stop laughing for 20 mins straight! An asshole like Uday Chopra deserves such a praise lol Keep going buddy, you make people smile… better than the laughter therapy thingy that my dad and other ageing retards did for a while after watch Munnabhai MBBS lol.

    Keep up the social service, may be one day you’ll be remembered (and soon forgotten) like Mother Teresa lol.

  2. surya siriki

    I started off with your Aamir khan article and could not stop there.Sucked into the rest of your brilliant writings….best one is “Curious case of Uday Chopra”. Hilarious πŸ™‚ I think, Your writings consolidate the very common opinions of majority, about a topic or a person and with the deadly mix of humor, the content is highly enjoyable. Reading was never so fun. Keep up the great work.

  3. debooWORKS

    Cool blog.
    Finally I meet another guy like you. Most people are fake nowadays, and the more you think over this, the more angry you get.
    I get a lot from your writing and you write well.

    What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend it ceases to exist.
    -Salman Rushdie

    Having said all that, I would love to hear your opinion on an old post of mine, https://debooworks.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/the-problem-with-our-masks/

    This is a great blog.
    You now have one more follower.

  4. Amrit Balakrishnan

    Ok , I am just a 14 year old kid but i absolutely dig your blog!!! The posts are really hilarious and they leave me in splits… The first post i read was the one about RD Sharma…. Absolutely rib tickling… Eagerly awaiting the next post πŸ˜€

  5. microbedoctor

    Your sense of humor is so refreshing. I just loved the PJs section. Now that I’ve subscribed to your blog, I’m waiting for new posts and notifications!
    Cheers, dude.
    Keep writing.

  6. mayurshinde06

    This goes without saying that I love your blog and your writing styles. Very satirical and oddly intellectual. Plus the way you keep maintaining the fine line between bullshit and cowdung is amazing. Kudos mate!!!

    Being a movie buff myself, i loved the reviews you wrote. Hope to see more.

    And by the way, I am also waiting for your book on a bookshelf in Landmark or Crossword. πŸ˜‰

    Cheers!!! πŸ™‚

  7. acupofkahwa

    Reading most of your entries I connected instantly. Most of the opinion and sentiment in your blog across the topics was boiling in my mind for years but I couldn’t cast it in words. Thanks for doings that. It was fun to read. Thank you..

  8. Soumya Snehashis

    Greetings!!! Heart filled with Man – o – ranjan…

    The first write up I read was http://heartranjan.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/the-curious-case-of-uday-chopra/ and I agree to the fact that Colgate could have signed me up for such a broader and happier smiles I gave out.

    Aaprt from the heavenly power bestowed on you by God himself to twist, turn and indigeniously use the words of literature as massive WMDs for any topic, I am really thriller. I got to admit that I willbe following your posts more than what girls post on my Facebook page…

    You will find me in comments sections πŸ˜› Keep up the good work… and yes! Please write up on Tushar Kapoor πŸ˜‰

  9. tohmmy

    These blogs are so nice ! i and one of my colleagues had a great time in office reading these articles.
    Keep writing and make us smiling !!

  10. Aragorn_is_sad

    It goes without saying that I love your blog. Now this may seem like an odd comment but this blog has helped me more than you may know. I discovered it a few days ago, and these days are bad for me personally for various reasons. Today being Sunday, I did not have the strength to wake up and face the lonely day standing ahead, until it dawned upon me that I can read another of your posts. So here I am, listening to loud music and already feeling good. Thank You.

  11. ΰ€­ΰ€Ύΰ€°ΰ€€ΰ₯€ΰ€― ΰ€¬ΰ€¨ΰ₯ΰ€§ΰ₯

    The Bull Shit and cow dung have different medicinal values. Consider that the urine of a young pregnent cow has very different medicinal properties than that of older one.

    Please look up the patent – EP 1330253 B1 – Use of bioactive fraction from cow urine distillate (‘go mutra’) as a bio-enhancer of anti-infective, anti-cancer agents and nutrients

    Incidentally the therepeutic values are obtained only when using gau mutra from Indian cow breeds, not Holstein / Jersey / Fresien.

    I understand your struggle with science and the effect the “liberal arts” education has. Or is it the general anti Hindu education that we are given.

  12. Nirakar Neo

    I have to defend Masters thesis tomorrow and I have spent half of the day today reading your posts. So pissed off on you. Seems like I’ll continue till evening. πŸ™‚

  13. themonumentaljackass

    I like your blog. I like it a lot. Sheer outspoken opinion, and brilliantly expressed too.

    Whether I agree or disagree with you is a different matter, but a good argument is always enjoyable! Especially about our motherland, which we love and hate in equal measure, it seems.

    All the best for the full time writing! I wish you every success and look forward to your work!


    1. heartranjan Post author

      Hey! Thanks. Coming from a popular blogger as yourself, it feels good.

      I studied journalism, in fact. I was working in an educational company till now, teaching in Kurnool. Plan to write full time from now on.

      Thanks for your encouragement!!

  14. Utso Bhattacharya

    Used to love greatbong.net, where I saw a comment from you. Out of sheer curiosity (and boredom) I decided to check your blog and sure, you made my day !!! The P-J corner (with the one on the condom) and your posts on the unambiguous virtues of Old Monk were really ones I could identify with πŸ™‚
    Just a thought, a couple of posts somehow seemed to toe away from the “neutral” perspective that most bloggers try to abide by. Honestly, that made the reading that much more heart-warming. Keep on at it.
    P.S. Ms. MB calling a tea drinker a Maoist… hilarious !!!

  15. Ed

    I am new to your blog.. Really good writing. Your little comments and digs at people in your posts is too hilarious! Keep up the good work. And yes, I had to control my laughter at few of your comments while reading it in office as my peers gave me ugly stare about what I was doing instead of working on a Wednesday morning. Cheers!!

  16. Puneet

    Loved some of the articles.. but before taking dig at certain people, do not evaluate them by your own understanding of the world. Some people mean much more than what you do. As your name suggests, you write from your heart..

  17. Swapnajit Mishra

    I eagerly wait for your blogs. And yes..why that picture of optimally used slippers in ur FB display pic??

    1. heartranjan Post author

      Mithunda was da dude!!

      “I always wanted to be Mithun Chakroborty. He was my idol. I mean, for someone as bad looking as he was, he danced with pretty girls, bashed up the baddies, and sang songs.”


  18. abulic

    I like your observations. And the way maintain the thin line between bullshit and cowdung.makes it an awesome read. Keep Blogging πŸ™‚

    PS: You site is indeed very good. Because the only other site i posted a comment on was Savita Bhabhi

  19. Ajay Kalra

    Hey I love your blog! And your irreverence!! Keep going Heartrnjan! Shaila P referred me to your blog. She thinks we have similar writing styles. But you are funnier! Way to funnier!!


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