Have you ever taken any of your talents for granted ? I can sing just about ok. Like, if a terrorist organisation killed ALL the singers inthe country, I could probably make it big. Its just about alright. Like someone said, “I cried that I dint have shoes, till I met a man who dint have legs”. Thanks to some people in my life, I am constantly reminded and feel good about my voice.
Pintu Bhai is one of them. Apart from his voice, which is far from melodious, his taste in songs is shaky too !!! His list of Top 10 songs can double up as the Top 10 worst songs made in Bollywood !! Some of them are “Kya Mausam Aaya Hai” from ‘Anari’, “Kyunki” from the movie “Kyun ki..”, and “Anderlu Manderlu” from ‘Elaan’ ( Dont even ask ! )
My Dad is another such person. He loves music, listens to music, but he can’t sing to save his life ! One day during my +2, I caught him trying to hum a song.

“Nana, are you singing?”

“Yes”, he says, sheepishly. Then, he says, “You know, when I was ur age, I could sing like you. Then I got typhoid and lost my voice”

Yeah, right ! And I was good looking, until I was born ! He never tires of telling me that story and I never believe him.
So, yesterday, when it started raniging, Pintu Bhai stretched out his hands and started singing “Barsaat ke din aaye…”.The pigeons nearby flew away. I,meanwhile, looked up at the sky and said “Thank You, God”.

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  1. aakaash

    Pinto bhai…a must meet character….cool…..and you must thank god that only pigeons flew away and that it dint stop raining.


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