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Inception is Mind-bending!!

Trust Christopher Nolan to play around with your mind. As you would have known after watching Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, you will know Nolan is not the kind of guy who gives you stories that have a logical or chronological happenings of events. If you still liked his movies, you will love this one.

I’ll be honest. When I first watched the movie, I didn’t understand all of it. I found some of the action sequences to be stretched out, and lost track quite a few minutes. But I am yet to meet a person who has understood the film fully on the first viewing.

‘Inception’ is the story of a thief, the highest sort of thief who enters people’s minds and steals their thoughts. Along with his gang of friends (each of them having a special skill of their own), they enter people’s minds through their dreams. As layer after layer of the movie is peeled off, you realise that Di Caprio is scarred by the memory of his wife. And since dreams are an extension of our sub-consciousness, his wife keeps coming in all his dreams.

Cobb (Caprio) wants to end his career and spend time with his children and takes up a last job. This time, he does not have to steal a thought or a secret, but he has to influence the thoughts of a person, by planting an idea in his head. This can be done by suitably altering his sub-consciousness.

I know by now you must be wondering what on earth is going. Thing is, I am not Christopher Nolan. For, when you watch the movie, you get sucked into the plot, incredulous as it may seem now. Without stressing too much on the equipment used for the act (like Hindi films, which emphasise on credibility by showing machines – remember the ballot box kind of musical machine in Koi Mil Gaya??), Nolan concentrates more on the characters, and the visual effects to transport you to another world altogether.

Don’t worry too much about understanding every bit of it. Neither Roger Ebert nor Rajeev Masand did. Watch the movie, and then come out of the hall and peel it off with your friends. But watch this movie, nonetheless. This is a movie that requires extreme patience and rewards you for it at the end. Like all of Nolan’s movies, there are minute details that help you grasp the point. After Memento, Dark Knight, and Prestige, it was expected that he would take things one step forward. He has.