Monthly Archives: April 2008


Everyone says “my grandma is the sweetest one in the world..blah blah blah..” but i seriously think she’s the sweetest.or at least comes quite close.All through my childhood,I used to mistake another woman as my grandmother.she was a complete i had this aversion to grandparents in general.and then after my 12th i really got to know her.
She’s amazing !!!! She can listen to a song and tell u who’s singing it.she knows to cook really well,and never gives up hopes of me being a good cook someday.and she makes the most amazing coffee in the world !! She can survive without food,but she has to have coffee.and u should smell it when she makes it….SUPERB !
Today, I was asking her,”Amamma,if u were to live alone on an island,what are the 3 things you would take along?”.She gave it a serious thought…”Am I allowed to take books…?” “Yes.” Then she asks me,”Can i take cassettes..”? (CDs) “Yes.” She keeps thinking.So I ask,”So,what are u gonna take with u ?” She says,”Milk,Coffee,and Sugar !!!”