Monthly Archives: February 2007

Childhood ………..

man,i miss my childhood.i dunno how it is with other guys,but i just hate growin up.why cant we be children forever?like that story in Pandora’s Box.That was cool.No school,no studies.only playing.i dunno if this is the hallmark of a loser,but responsibilities gimme the creeps.And imagine a country where u r forced to get married by the age of 30!!!!!!!!!!!!Hardly have u started living,they ask u to stay with 1 girl all ur life and then after 2 years,u have irritating kids who piss and crap all around u.But u have to say,”oooooohhhh,how cute they are!!!!!Pissing on my files!!!”.Man,WHat a life???????

wish everyday was like a worrries,no studies,no MBA,no placement,no world economics,no Bush screwing Saddam,no nothing.


Last night was awesome.saki,me and sumit stayed in the hostel and had a ball.we laughed and laughed for more than 5 hours.finally went to sleep at 2 AM after 5 hours of unadulterated crap.All the hostel guys are pissed off with us coz we ruined all theirplans to study.

Valentines Day approaching and i dunno what to gift?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?this system sucks.why shud guys always gift?why cant girls be the ones supposed to gift?of course i have shamelessly avoided gifting for the last 2 years.

This frnzy abt Valentines Day gives me the creeps.I think the only people who enjoy on this day are Archies and hallmark guys.ather than that,the Day is same as usual.And what with the sob-sob movies that they show on all the channels.Yuck man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DISGUSTING…

When i am doped…….

10th February,

Me and Sumit had doped and we realised that whatever we were saying at that time was what was actually our most innate thoughts,our ambitions.Sumit went on babbling bout wanting to host his own show on animal Planet and i went on and on abt ads.

Sometimes,i wonder.whats required to make it big?????only passion?coz i have been dreaming abt this since my my balls off for 2 fucking years and then get struck off coz i have no credible work-ex?!?!?!?!?!so,whts required?some luck?or fucking barrels of it?